Society of Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management- SOHSEM Diploma,Training, Certification & Membership in Nigeria

Be a Certified Member of SOHSEM if you have chosen or hope to choose Safety, Health and Environmental Management as a career.


Be a Certified Fellow if you’re in top management in charge of Security,Safety and Environmental Operations.


Get qualified with SOHSEM NIPM Certification,Diploma, Advanced Diploma or PGD in Safety, Occupational Health & Environmental Operations Management or Safety And Security
Operations Management.


HR/Learning & Development Managers, Plant/Factory/ Production/ Engineering and Project Managers, QSHE and SSHE Managers/ Engineers and others with roles and responsibilities for Safety, Security, Occupational Health and Environment need these programmes

For your Learning & Development solutions, Certification and Membership enquiries visit our office: Nigerian Institute of Production Management: 23 Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate, Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos or call 08069006677, 08023140750, 09023194157, 08066411565.

Training is conducted Online/by Distance Learning or Open Classes and In- House for Workers. Between 2 -3 days Certificate Courses and 3 months for Diploma Courses


Have a vision to move up the rungs of Managemen Ladder. Success, progress and happiness in life is about the choices you make.


The major challenge encountered by most SHE/HSE/EHS, QSHE or Security specialists in organisations is that they hardly move up to Top Management as their positions could be “dead end”- where they eventually get retired.


The two key departments SHE/HSE/EHS/ SSHSE specialists report to are Human Resources Management and Operations or Plant/Manufacturing Management.

However, you can become a general manager, director or CEO as large organisations provide opportunities for reporting lines and career progression to Top Management.


We advise you to build professional capability in these functions if you plan to go far in your career. SAFETY AND SECURITY JOBS ARE OPERATIONS JOBS…..NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF TO LOWER LEVELS OF OPERATIONS….MOVE UP! Keep learning and expanding your scope in Operations Management

After all, your job with all the associated KPAs/ KPIs is about Operations Management of Safety, Security, Health And Environment.

You need Operations Management capabilities and qualifications. If you don’t understand this you are not likely to expand your career frontiers and deepen exploits beyond being an employee with stunted career growth and unable to secure better employment and business opportunities globally

Think deeper and envision farther into the future. Think about entrepreneurship and consultancy as a retirement plan. Think about different dimensions of success in this area of knowledge. Think about the limitless possibilities and break the barriers of limitations now. Let NIPM help you!

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) Society of Health, Safety And Environmental Management (SOHSEM) get you registered, trained and certified as an SHE/HSE/EHS/QSHE Specialist and as an Operations Management Professional with options to specialize in Supply Chain Management, Production Management, Plant/Manufacturing Management, Logistics Operations Management etc.


Diversify your knowledge base. Have a broad career path to enhance your job prospects and success in life


Let NIPM help you to increase your knowledge, skills and professional competencies for maximum career growth.


SOHSEM is a division of NIPM.
Our Members come from different industrial sectors nationwide.

Join NIPM SOHSEM to explore career opportunities and professional possibilities through networking and access to shared knowledge and information

NIPM SOHSEM Training partnership with multinationals, international and indigenous manufacturing companies, and Federal Government organisations have proven to be world class in the last 30 years.

NIPM was founded in 1987 and registered under extant laws in 1998 by the Federal Government to promote, advance, and regulate the standards of professional practice of production and operations management in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental Operations are critical to survival, wellness, prosperity, and development of organisations and nations…..NIPM SOHSEM adds value to your self worth in many ways !!

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