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The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) is a professional association of production and operation Managers, duly registered by Federal Government under appropriate laws to regulate operations management practices nationwide and to provide education, training and conduct examinations and award diplomas among other powers. NIPM is recognised not only by Federal Government but also industries. It has reputable industrial organisations, directors, top executives, academics, entrepreneurs and consultants as Members enjoying its services. NIPM has trained thousands of Nigerians from different sectors of the nation’s economy. Professional Membership Certificates is specified for top jobs and in business. NIPM represents the profession of production and Operations management. If you are engaged in Production and Operation management, NIPM represents you!


No science, engineering, technology, technical, management or business education is complete without professional knowledge off Production and Operations Management and its core elements especially R&D, Production Planning and Scheduling, Process Control, Technology, Quality, HSE, Cost, Productivity, Project Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management Facilities and Maintenance Management: Production and Operation Management employs analytical thinking to profer solutions to problems facing modern industries. It presents exciting employment, career and entrepreneurial opportunities globally.


1. Receiving Initial Certificate of Membership and Final Certificate after Training
2. Attending subsidized Professional Certification Training Programme
3. Receiving Publications and professional Information
4. Professional Networking for Career and Business Success
5. Attending meetings, workshops, conference and cross-learning Best Practices and Ethics
6. Job Register Listing and Recruitment Opportunities
7. Using Professional Letters after your name e.g. FNIPM, MNIPM, ANIPM OR SOCEITY LETTERS


NIPM- Empowering Today’s Generation for High Productivity and Development
Payment of non-refundable registration fees cover the initial Membership Registration Certificate of NIPM the relevant Society of the Institute only as a pre-requisite for training but exclude training and induction fees. NIPM Societies are divisions of NIPM. You can register with two or three Societies. Registration with Societies. Registration with Societies provides you services of Societies while registration with NIPM provides you general service e.g. networking. Continuous Professional Education and Training is Mandatory. Membership is on the number of people whose name appears on the Membership Register. If your name is not on the Register you are Practicing illegally!


For Training & Membership

The Registrar
Nigeria Institute of Production Management
Acme House, 23, Acme Road,
Ogba Industrial Estate,
P.O. Box 7798, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: 08023140750

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Email: info@nipmnigeria.com.ng

Tel: 08023140750, 08066411565, 08069006671, 09023194157

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