Production and Operations Management Institute Courses in Nigeria.

Learn the concepts, scope, objectives, roles, functions, skills, duties, responsibilities, accountabilities, ethics and world class best practices of production and operations management as well as how operations policy, strategies and decisions are designed and deployed to ensure that operating systems and processes are used to deliver value for sustainable competitive advantage.

Production and Operations Management Institute Courses in Nigeria.

Learn the concepts, scope, objectives, roles, functions, skills, duties, responsibilities, accountabilities, ethics and world class best practices of production and operations management as well as how operations policy, strategies and decisions are designed and deployed to ensure that operating systems and processes are used to deliver value for sustainable competitive advantage.


There are government or public sector operations, nonprofit operations and business operations. We also have production sectors or industrial operations such as agriculture, mining, energy- oil, gas, electricity, manufacturing, construction and service industries.

Within each industry there are sub- sectors.

The broadness, complexities and dynamics of production and operations management practice makes it a highly respected field of study. Remove production and operations management from the world, a nation or an organization and you have nothing left!

Operations cut across all departments including production, the entire manufacturing plant or factory, human resources, finance, engineering, logistics, supply chain, quality assurance et.cetera.


Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) regulates professional practice of production and operations management in Nigeria. Operations, Logistics and Supply Leaders Academy (OLSCLA) is an NIPM affiliate institution.

According to NIPM President Dr Olaniyi Opanuga, “Production and operations management is the practice of transforming the resources of an organization to produce and deliver goods and services that satisfy customer requirements at a sustainable profit or towards achieving some other non-profit objectives and goals”.

“Production and operations management as a body of knowledge is concerned with the planning, design, control, directing, co- ordinating and overseeing of people, systems, technology, processes and methods for the production, supply, distribution, delivery and provision of goods and services in domestic and international markets,” says Dr. Olaniyi Opanuga, PhD, FNIPM.


Therefore, career paths in production and operations management are many….ranging from operations planning to procurement and purchasing, materials management and inventory control, stores and warehousing, quality control and quality assurance management, transportation, logistics and supply chain management, manufacturing, maintenance management, health, safety and environmental (HSE) management, shipping, import and export operations, distribution and customer service management, facility and plant management, project management to ensure projects are delivered timely, within budget and so on.


Most of the career  challenges facing production and operations workers is that they lack information about how to rise to the top through various career paths right from the factory floor or with entry qualifications such as  Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma in Science, Business, Engineering, Technology, Social Science or Arts, COPOM or NIPM Professional Certification and Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) qualifications in Production and,  Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Project Management and others.


Getting a job is not as important as ensuring job security and achieving career growth. NIPM helps you to build job skills and competencies you need to succeed in your career.

Register for NIPM professional courses, certification exams, online/offline diploma, advanced diploma, post graduate diploma (PGD) and membership programmes.

Talk to your Head of Department or the Head of Human Resources about your career ambition on the need to maximize your potentials and grow your career rapidly through NIPM professional education and training, certification and membership networking programmes.

Be NIPM upskilled. Add value to yourself to enhance your performance on the job.

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2023 Production & Manufacturing Training Courses in Nigeria

Explore 2023 NIPM Schedule of Training & Capacity Building Programmes to improve factory line operations, quality, safety, productivity, efficiency and general staff competencies for higher performance

2023 Production & Manufacturing Training Courses in Nigeria

NIPM is the leading provider of production and manufacturing plant training courses, workshops, certification, diploma and post graduate diploma (PGD) and membership programmes in Nigeria.

Explore 2023 NIPM Schedule of Training & Capacity Building Programmes to] improve factory line operations, quality, safety, productivity, efficiency and general staff competencies for higher performance.

(Institution For The Regulation Of Production And Operations Management Of Nigeria)




01       Production Operations Skills For Factory Operatives Effectiveness Course      Factory Workers/Machine Operators     Feb 06-07 Apr 03-04        69,000

02       Industrial Machine Operations, Safe Processing, Packaging And Material Handling Course           Factory Workers/Machine Operators Feb 06-07 Apr 03-04        69,000

03       Proactive Forklift Operations And Mechanized Handling Course            Forklift Drivers, Crane & Allied Operators Feb 06-07 Apr 03-04        69,000

04       Productivity Improvement, Work Ethics And Time Management Course         All Staff            Feb 09-10 May 04-05       69,000 

05       Performance Improvement Skills Course For Production, Stores, Quality, Processing, Packaging and Laboratory Teams         All Staff         Feb 09-10 May 04-05       69,000

06       Production Operations Techniques Certification (POTC)Course (with Professional Exams)           Factory Operatives responsible for Effective Machine Operations/ Equipment Maintenance, Material/Process Handling, Quality laboratory etc.         Feb 13-14 Apr 03-04            69,000


07       Effective Supervision And Control of Factory Work, Machine Operations, Processing, Packaging And Material Handling Course       Factory/Production Supervisors, Plant Technicians/Team Leaders          Mar 08-09 May 11-12      79,000

08       Improvement Course For Production Supervisors And Technicians       Production Processing/Packaging Supervisors & Technicians    Mar 02-03 May 08-09      79,000

09       Production Management Appreciation For Supervisors And Technicians Course            Production Supervisors & Technicians Mar 02-03 May 08-09      79,000

10       Certified Production Supervisors And Technicians (CPST) Certification Course (with Professional Exams)          Production Supervisors, Engineering/Maintenance, Quality/Process Technicians  Mar 06-07 May 18-19      79,000

11       Effective Supervisory Management Skills Course     Supervisors & Team Leaders      Mar 02-03 May 18-19   79,000

12       Workshop on Problem Solving And Decision Making For Effective Teams in Production, Maintenance & Operations         Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders Mar 02-03              79,000

13       Leading Production Teams For Higher Performance           Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders         Mar 02-03    79,000


14       Maintenance Technicians Skills Improvement Course        Maintenance Technicians            Mar  13-14 May 15-16     95,000

15       Maintenance Supervision Skills Course           Engineering/Maintenance Supervisors/ Senior Technicians Mar 13-14 May 22-23      95,000

16       Basic Mechanical Drives System And Maintenance Maintenance Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians          Mar 13-14 May 22-23      115,000

17       Effective Industrial Tools Handling & Storage            Maintenance Engineers/ Supervisors/Technicians/ Procurement Staff            Mar 13-14 May 22-23      95,000

18       Basic Training on Equipment Balancing & Shaft Alignment           Engineering Supervisors/Technicians  Mar 13-14 May 22-23      120,000

19       Bearing Maintenance & Lubrication     Engineers, Technicians Responsible For Plant Maintenance           Mar 13-14 May 22-23      120,000

20       Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Course            Engineering/Maintenance Managers, Production Managers/Officers/Senior Technicians/Supervisors    Mar 16-17 May 11-12 150,000

21       Effective Management of Facilities Maintenance Operations Course     Engineering Workshop Managers/Service Engineers/Maintenance Managers/Officers      Mar 20-21 May 15-16 120,000

22       Effective Machine Lubrication, Instrumentation, Process Monitoring & Equipment Protection Course  Process, Production/ Instrumentation/ Maintenance/Plant Engineers, Technologists & Technicians       Mar 20-21 May 18-19      120,000

23       Good Engineering Workshop Practices           Engineers, Technologists & Technicians            Mar 20-21 May 18-19      110,000

24       Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (R & A) Maintenance Workshop          Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians           Mar 20-21 May 18-19      120,000

25       Facility Management Strategy Course Facility Managers, Maintenance/ Property/Estate/Buildings/ Premises Managers       Mar 23-24    120,000

26       Electrical/Electronics Preventive Maintenance Skills Workshop  Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians          Mar 20-21 May 18-19      150,000

27       Industrial Equipment Installation & Maintenance For Maintainability, Reliability & Productivity Workshop    Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians  Mar 20-21 May 18-19            150,000

28       Basic Diagnostics in Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Correction & Maintenance Workshop    Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians  Mar 20-21 May 18-19      150,000

29       Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)/Chiller Maintenance Course Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians  Mar 20-21 May 18-19      150,000

30       Plumbing Skills Improvement Course  Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians & Others            Mar 20-21 May 18-19      89,000

31       Arc And Gas Welding Mastery Course Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians & Others            Mar 20-21 May 18-19      110,000

32       Fundamentals of Computer Hardware And Software Maintenance Workshop            Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians  Mar 20-21 May 18-19      150,000

33       Project Management Course (Project Operations Excellence & Best Implementation Practices)      Project Directors, Managers, Engineers, Production/ Operations Managers  Jun 05-06 120,000

34       Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety Training Course Boiler Operators & Technicians  Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         120,000

35       Engineering Safety Workshop    Engineers, Technologist & Technicians            Mar 20-21 May 18-19   120,000


36       Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Course      All Factory Staff      Feb 09-10 Jun 01-02     95,000         

37       Safety, Health And Environmental (SHE) Management Course   All Staff         Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06     95,000         

38       Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation Course     All Staff         Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06            95,000         

39       Good Housekeeping/5S Training Course        All Factory/Plant Employees       Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06     95,000         

40       Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Course (Statutory Requirements and Standards)            Scientists, Technologists, Lab. Technicians, Analysts etc.   Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06            95,000         

41       Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Workshop (Food/Pharma Safety Management System-FPSMS)    Plant/Production/ Maintenance, HSE, Quality Managers/Officers Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06         95,000         

42       Pharmaceutical Safety & Quality Improvement Skills Course       All Production/ QC/ Maintenance/Stores / Processing/Packaging & General Plant Staff       Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06            95,000         

43       Quality Inspection Skills Course Quality Inspectors Process/Quality Technicians        Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06     95,000         

44       Process Control And Quality Control Course Process Control And QC Managers/Officers/ Technicians            Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06         110,000       

45       Quality Assurance Management Course         Quality Assurance Managers/ Officers            Feb 16-17 Jun 08-09         120,000       

46       Total Quality Management (TQM) & Continuous Improvement Course           All Managers/Officers Feb 20-21 Jun 12-13         110,000       

47       Water Treatment, Waste Water Plant Management And Pollution Control Workshop            Utility Managers, HSE Managers, Quality Managers, Production Managers, Plant Engineers/Officers Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         120,000       

48       Six Sigma Training Workshop     Production, Quality Managers/Officers/ Supervisors/Team Leaders          Feb 13-14 Jun 05-06         120,000       

49       Advanced Inspection Techniques Course        Directors, Principal Regulatory Officers (PRO) etc.     Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         130,000       

50       cGMP & Inspection Techniques Course           Directors, Principal Regulatory Officers (PRO) etc.     Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         130,000       

51       Good Documentation Practice (GDP) Course            Directors, Principal Regulatory Officers (PRO) etc. Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         130,000       

52       Drugs & Veterinary Medicines Inspection Workshop         Directors, Principal Regulatory Officers (PRO) etc.   Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         140,000       

53       Occupational Health & Safety Management Course           Safety Officers, Industrial Hygienists, Operatives, Office Staff etc.          Feb 09-10 Jun 15-16         95,000         

54       Proactive Security Operations Management Course           Chief Security Officers/Security Managers        Jul 03-04       110,000       

55       Incident Investigation & Reporting Course     HSE Managers/Officers, Security Managers/ Supervisors    Feb 23-24 Jun 15-16         95,000         

56       Industrial Safety & Environmental Management Workshop        HSE Managers/Safety Officers/Production Managers/Supervisors  Feb 23-24 Jun 15-16         95,000         

57       Security Operations, Supervision, Control, Management And Crime Prevention Workshop    Security Managers/Officers /Supervisors       Feb 23-24 Jun 15-16         95,000           

58       Restaurant Service Quality, Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation Course Managers & Supervisors/ Senior Food Handlers/ Personnel Relating with Customers         Feb 20-21 May 29-30 95,000         


59       Professional Production Management Principles & Practice Course      Production Managers/ Supervisors, Technicians & Team Leaders        May 04-05 July06-07       95,000

60       Operations Planning And Control Course       Production/Operations, Planning/Materials/Logistics/Supply Chain Managers etc.            July 10-11    120,000

61       Strategic Operations Management Skills Development Course   Managers, Engineers/ Technologists & Senior Officers July 10-11    110,000

62       Security Operations & Operational Safety Vigilance Course         Security Managers/ Officers/Supervisors         Mar 27-28 Jul 13-14         95,000

63       Advanced Production Management Workshop       Manufacturing/Plant Managers/Production Managers          Apr 13-14 Jun 19-20         120,000

64       Research And Development (R & D) Course  R & D Managers/Engineers, Technical Managers & Officers         Sept 04-05   120,000

65       Effective Restaurant Operations Management For Profitability Course (Hospitality/QSR)   Restaurant Managers, Executives Overseeing QSR Operations, Customer Service, Stores/Inventory, Supplies, Scheduling, Facilities, Cost, Quality etc. and providing Leadership in day-to-day Operations. Feb 16-17 June 26-27      120,000

66       Lean Manufacturing Techniques for Lower Operating Costs Course            Managers/Supervisors /Team Leaders            Apr 27-28     120,000

67       Managing Production/Operations People For Peak Performance Course (Excellent Operations Strategy for Managing Results-Oriented Plant/Factory)      HODs/Managers from Production/Quality/ Engineering etc. Managers From All Factory Departments Who Need To Lead, Motivate &Improve Workforce Effectiveness            Jun 01-02     120,000

68       Advanced Manufacturing Management Workshop (Developing World Class Operations Management Competencies)       Operations Directors, Controllers, General Managers, Operations/ Production/Plant/ Factory/ Manufacturing Managers          July 01-02              120,000

69       Operations Excellence Course (Boosting Capacity for Managing World Class Operations-OPEX) All Managers who require Excellent Operations Management Practices for Results.          Jun 26-27     110,000       

70       Operations Leadership Workshop        Operations Controllers/ Managers       Jun 26-27              120,000       

71       Workshop on Re-Engineering Business Process for Lower Manufacturing Cost, Improved Quality & Profitability           Managers  & Executives   Jun 29-30     120,000       

72       Operations Management Skills Course For Higher Productivity in Financial Operations            Cost/Financial Accountants, Revenue Officers          July 17-18    120,000       

73       Advanced Operations Management Workshop       Operations Controllers/ Managers            July 17-18    130,000       

74       Project Planning and Scheduling for Results Course            Project Managers/Engineers, Contract Managers, Production Managers    Apr 24-25     110,000       

75       Waste Elimination/Reduction And Optimization of Production Cost Course              Production Supervisors, Machine Operators and General Factory Workers   Apr 27-28              95,000         

76       Certified Production Manager (CPM)/Certified Production Management Professional (CPMP) Certification Course (With Professional Exams)     Production Managers Assistant Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Technologists.       Feb 20-21 Aug 03-04        110,000       

77       Certified Plant/Manufacturing Management Professional (CPMMP) Certification Course  (With Professional Exams)       Plant Factory/ Manufacturing Managers        Jul  24-25 Sep 07-08     150,000       

78       Certified Operations Manager (COM)/Certified Operations Management Professional (COMP) Certification Course (With Professional Exams)    Operations Managers, Heads of Manufacturing, Operations Controllers.         July  26-27 Sep  11-12      150,000       


79       Logistics And Transport Operations Management Course (Managing Logistics & Fleet Operations for Reliability And Efficiency)       Managers/Executives / Officers in Marketing/ Sales/Distribution, Inbound/Outbound Logistics/Shipping, Transportation, Export etc.      Apr 19-20 120,000       

80       Transportation Operations Management Course (Controlling Fleet, Shipping, Freighting, Cargo, Haulage, Logistics, Distribution) Transport Managers/ Executives/Officers            Apr 19-20     115,000       

81       Advanced Logistics & Supply Chain Management Strategy for Competitive Advantage Workshop    Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers, Operations Managers      Oct 16-17            135,000       

82       Logistics Leadership Certification (LLC) (Certified Logistics Manager) CLM       Logistics Managers/Officers Apr 19-20     120,000       

83       Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Workshop        Supply Chain Managers/ Logistics Managers/Officers Apr 19-20     120,000       

84       Food Logistics Safety & Accident Prevention for Bike Riders And Delivery Van Drivers            Motorcycle Riders & Drivers involved in Food & Allied Delivery and Logistics Services in B2B/B2C       Feb 21-22 Jun 14-15         75,000         

85       Logistics & Supply Chain Cost Reduction Techniques Workshop Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers/Officers          Apr 07-08     120,000       

86       Purchasing & Supplier Relationship Management Workshop      Supply Chain/Operations Managers/Materials Managers, procurement/ Purchasing Managers/ Officers         Apr 07-08     120,000       

87       Certified Supply Chain Operations Manager (CSCOM)/Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) Certification Course (With Professional Exams)            Supply Chain Managers, Logistics, Procurement/ Supply Managers, Materials Managers     Apr 07-08 May 26-27       150,000       

  88       Effective Logistics Management Workshop Logistics/Shipping/ Import/Export/Transport Managers & Officers        May 26-27   120,000       

  89       Supply Chain Planning    Supply Chain Managers, Supply/Demand Planning Managers/Officers May 26-27   120,000       

  90       Sales & Operations Planning     Supply Chain Managers, Supply/Demand Planning Managers/Officers May 26-27   120,000       

91       Effective Distribution Management And Customer Relationship Optimization Workshop    Sales/Marketing Distribution Managers/Customer Service           May 26-27            120,000       

92       Corporate Drivers Course            Drivers          May 26-27   80,000         


93       Effective Store Keeping, Warehousing And Materials Handling Course Store keepers, Warehouse Officers And Clerks May 25-26   89,000

94       Purchasing And Materials Management Course       Purchasing/Stores/Materials /Supply Chain Managers & Officers     May 19-20   95,000

95       Strategic Procurement & Contract Management Workshop        Procurement /Purchasing / Materials Managers & Executives Involved in Procurement Contracts           May 19-20 120,000

96       Advanced Warehousing Operations & Distribution Management Workshop            Warehouse Managers/ Distribution Managers/Officers    May 25-26   120,000

97       Innovative Stores, Warehousing And Materials Management Course            Stores/Warehouse/ Materials Managers & Officers            May 25-26   120,000

98       Inventory Management & Control Course (For Cost Effective Production, Improved Logistics, Distribution & Order Fulfillment)    Stores/Warehouse Managers & Officers, Inventory/Stock Controllers &Planning Managers/Officers          May 25-26   120,000

99(A) Advanced Materials Management Workshop           Materials Managers, Procurement/Supply Chain Managers, Distribution, Purchasing/Stores/Warehouse & Logistics Managers Apr 19-20 Jun 22-23         120,000

99(B)  Supplier Relationship Management Workshop         Apr 19-20 Jun 22-23         120,000

100     Warehousing Operations Planning & Management Course          Warehouse Managers/Officers May 25-26   99,000


101     Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal & Communication Skills Course              Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders        Feb 20-21 Aug 07-08      95,000

102     Conflict Management & Influencing Skills For Effective Organizational Performance            Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders         Feb 20-21 Aug 07-08        95,000

103     Excellent Customer Relationship Management Strategy for Exceptional Customer Experience.  Managers/Officers interfacing with Customers and the Public    Aug 10-11            110,000

104     Building, Leading, Motivating and Managing High Performance Teams            Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders      Aug 14-15    95,000

105     Train-The-Trainers Workshop in Production, Supply Chain And Operations Management  (Developing Professional Capacity To Train for Results in Operations)            HR/Training/Capability Development Managers And HODs/Managers etc. who train their Subordinates April 27-28 Aug  17-18     120,000

106     Results-Oriented Performance Appraisal Workshop (Strategic Tools for Effective Performance Management)       Managers & Supervisors  Aug 21-22    120,000

107     Productivity Improvement & Performance Enhancement Course          Private/Public Sector Employees And Officers on GL 01-07 Feb 09-10 May 04-05       95,000

108     Entrepreneurship Development And Industrial Management Workshop         For All Those Who Plan To Start Own Business/Potential Entrepreneurs           Sept 14-15   95,000

109     Effective Negotiation Skills Course        Managers and Executives            Sept 18-19            120,000

110     Life After Paid Employment Course (Pre-Retirement Programme)         Executives and Employees who are about to retire or those who need to prepare/plan for retirement      Aug  21-22 89,000

111     Effective Communication And Technical Report Writing Skills Course            Managers/Engineers/ Technicians/ Supervisors/ Team Leaders                                                                                                                                              May 29-30   120,000

112     Cost Reduction Techniques In Production, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, Purchasing & Materials Management Functions Course  Production Managers/ Purchasing/Maintenance/ Quality/Logistics/Technical/ Operations/Finance Managers/Officers etc.    Apr 27-28 Oct   12-13      120,000

113     Positive Work Attitude, Ethical Integrity And Accountability Course      Executives, Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders    Feb 27-28    95,000

114     Train-The-Trainers Skills Workshop      All Managers/Officers, Training Co-ordinators            Apr   27-28 Aug 17-18      120,000

115     Good Record Keeping & Documentation Training Course (Digitalizing Records & Documents) Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders    Feb 27-28     95,000

116     Professional Applied Management Skills For Excellence Course  Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders      Nov 14-15    95,000

117     Communication And Record Keeping Course            Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders          Feb 27-28     95,000

118     Punctuality & Time Management Skills Course         Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders          Feb 27-28     95,000

119     Effective Management Skills Course     Executives, Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders          Aug 24-25    95,000

120     Leadership, Team Motivation & Performance Enhancement Course     Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders Aug 28-29    95,000

121     Team Building And Leadership Skills Course  Managers, Officers, Supervisors & Team Leaders         Aug 28-29    95,000

122     Effective Contract Administration And Negotiation Skills Workshop      Executives, Managers, Senior Officers           Aug 30-31    150,000

123     Public Service Productivity And Performance Improvement Workshop           Directors, GMs, Chief Officers/Senior Officers     Sep 18-19     150,000

124     Leadership in Public Administration & Management For Exceptional Service Seminar            HODs of Departments, Chief/Senior Officers, Leaders & Executives      Sep 18-19            150,000

125     Performance Management for Improved Workforce Productivity Workshop            HODs, Chief/Senior Officers, Executives & Managers         Feb 09-10 May 04-05            130,000

126     Waste Elimination/Cost Reduction And Resource Optimization Workshop            Managers/Principal Officers       Apr 27-28 Oct 12-13        120,000

127     Digital Marketing Tools for Business Success Managers, Executives & Entrepreneurs            Sep 28-29     75,000

128     Customer Relationship Building, Retention, Sales & Loyalty Boosting Skills Workshop            Executives, Managers & Officers           Oct 05-06     120,000

2023 EVENT

129     2023 National Workshop/Annual General Meeting/Fellowship Awards: Topic: Supply Chain Risk Reduction And Management in a Global Economy: The Nigerian Perspective.            CEOs, Directors & HODs responsible for Operations Manufacturing Plant/ Supply Chain, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Engineering/ Maintenance, Manufacturing/ Production, Technical Services, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Logistics, Distribution/Customer Service Managers etc.           July 21           Non-Members 89,000 Members 79,000


130     Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma And Post-Graduate Certificate & PGD Programmes of COPOM – College of Production & Operations Management of Nigeria            HODs/Managers from Plant, Manufacturing/Production, Quality, Technical, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, Maintenance, Project, Logistics etc.  Admission Jan- Sept.  3mths-1yr    As From 95,000- 350,000

131     Operations, Logistics And Supply Chain Leaders Academy (OLSCLA)/NIPM Professional Certification, Diploma, Advanced Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management, Logistics & Transport Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership.   Managers, Executives and others who need Professional Career Development        Admission Feb, Apr, July, Sept.  As From 120,000- 450,000

Professional Production and Operations Management Skills and Behaviours have the most impact in moving your organization forward. Train your staff with NIPM. NIPM is the professional standards regulating body for production and operations management in Nigeria. Register your managers and organization with NIPM.

All the programmes are available as Open, In-House & Online

5% Discount Available for Members & Multiple Nominations

At least 3 weeks Advance Notice of Nominations required.

Dates/Fees subject to change. You can arrange with us to train your staff at your own desired dates.

For registration and further enquiries contact The Director, Capacity Building,


Acme House, 23 Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja Lagos.

Website; Email: or

09023194157, 08023140750, 08069006671, 08066411565.

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