NIPM Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training Courses and Optimum Resources Supply Chain Solutions.


Managing the flow of goods and services from end to end to meet customers’ expectations profitably in a highly competitive and rapidly changing marketing environment requires dynamic equilibrium thinking, proactive operational delivery strategies, operations chain optimisation expertise and continuous professional learning.


You need NIPM Supply Chain Management Training to help you increase the capabilities of your team(s) who need to ensure that quality products reach customers and consumers from sourcing of raw materials through manufacturing to distribution for impressive bottomline results.



Improve and strengthen your supply chain processes and systems used to deliver goods and services for improved profitability in the face if increasingly interdependent, often disrupted information technology -driven global economy.





Nigerian Institute of Production Management(NIPM) and Optimum Resources Supply Chain Solutions have implemented programmes that led to massive changes across the supply chain of clients leading to pronounced efficiencies, massive cost reductions, optimum inventory levels, greater speed with respect to order fulfillment, more agile and resilient supply and distribution networks, increased capacity utilisation, improved supplier and vendor performance, better supplier/customer relationships, lower supply chain risks and better asset management.




Our training courses will help you to transform your operations for enhanced shareholders value by upskilling all Supply Chain⁹ Specialists in Purchasing/Procurement, Materials Management, Logistics, Shipping/ Transport, Import/Export, Production, Stores/Warehousing, Distribution and Customer Service.



Make your Supply Chai competitiveness and getting your Get your staff loaded with world-class professional  knowledge, insights, skills, cases and best practices  in Supply Chain Management, Logistics And Transport Operations Management, Operations Planning, Materials Management, Procurement Operations, Proactive  Forklift Operations, And Mechanized Materials Handling,


Professional Production Management, Effective StoreKeeping, Warehousing & Materials Handling, Inventory Management, And Control, Purchasing, Stores And Materials Management, International Purchasing And Shipping / Airfreighting Managing Third-Party Logistics,  Supply Chain And Logistics Cost Reduction, Effective Negotiation Skills and other Courses.




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