Made- in- Nigeria cannot be internationally or even locally competitive without professionalism.The entire country as a whole needs NIPM and its ideals for survival, growth and development.







Persons who practice Production And Operations Management come from different and varied backgrounds- Sciences, Engineering,Technology, Arts and Social Sciences.- At the base of the Management ladder you find the Supervisors, Technicians, Team Leaders, Artisans or Skilled Tradespersons, Semi- Skilled and General Labour – they work in all the economic and industrial sectors globally.





The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of this profession makes it a field for serious, deep, wide and advanced learning. Compromises are not allowed and precision, accuracy, reliability, resilience, transparency, accountability, customer satisfaction, service excellence and integrity are cherished values.





You will find Dr. Opanuga’s article on “Professionalism in Production And Operations Management” very educative, instructive and enlightening especially if you need to know about the historical evolution of professional Production And Operations Management in Nigeria.







Olaniyi Opanuga- History of Professional Practice of Production And Operations Management in

Nigeria – Production Management Review (ISSN 1116-3224) Steadfast Publications Limited*





How professional practice of Production And Operations Management began in Nigeria has been meticulously and authoritatively documented in the writings and published works of Dr.Olaniyi Opanuga who founded the Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM) in






Dr.Opanuga faced tough challenges in the 1980s convincing most employers of labour in the country that Production and Operations Management was a profession and that formal advanced training and certification was required in Production And Operations Management as a criterion in the recruitment and selection processes of Production Managers and Supervisors.





Post- independent Nigeria witnessed a civil war, a period of economic boom followed by a recession marked by Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) and the producer’s market era….the era of shortages of essential commodities when manufacturers felt lesser need for improved standards of cost, productivity,  quality and efficiency. Most times there was no competition. This promoted Professional Production Management myopia and operational indolence.





Nigeria’s industrial policy- focus varied from indigenization and nationalization to indigenous technology promotion, import substitution and utilisation of local raw materials, export promotion and the establishment or strengthening of standards regulating agencies.





The activities of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management- NIPM helped Nigerian Employers, especially manufacturing companies to streamline their operations and increase efficiency in the face of increasing competition. Many manufacturers joined NIPM as Corporate Members and involved the Institute in thier Staff Recruitment,Training and Certification.





Dr Opanuga’s “Rationale For Professional Practice of Production And Operations Managemen in

Nigeria” – in Volume 8.No.1 (January-June Edition) published in 2008 and other publications are


available as a rich learning resource in the Institute’s Research And Publications Unit for the benefit of Members, Researchers, Academics, Consultants, Teachers/Trainers and Students.





These publications are adjunct to Dr. Opanuga’s papers, lectures and presentations during his industrial visitations to Factories across the Country as well in the Universities, Polytechnics, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)Training Workshops and Federal/State

Government establishments.





Dr. Opanuga’s regular teachings of Professional Standards and Ethical Values have impacted greatly on performance and productivity  in organisations nationwide.





In Production And Operations jobs a lot of risks and hazards are involved.


The need for Safety, Quality, Reliability, Value, Cost Effectiveness, Productivity, Efficiency, Timeliness and other metrics is crucial.





Consumers, employees and the general public are at risk because all Production processes are very sensitive and delicate and they impact both the immediate and remote environments. Human lives are involved in all Production activities.





Products and every process and the embedded operations need to be handled with skill, proficiency and the right attitude to achieve desired results. For instance, poor quality, substandard, unwholesome and fake products are harmful or injurious to health and extreme cases can cause fatalities and deaths. Badly made or maintained products such as food  and pharmaceutical products, machinery, equipment and tools are sources of accidents





Little wonder that Production activities are regulated by Governments all over the world- from mining to agriculture, fisheries and forestry, energy( oil & gas , electricity), construction, manufacturing and services- especially on matters relating to product quality, health, safety the environment.





High standards operations need to be maintained to ensure the safety and health of the workers, the protection of the consumers and the entire environment and the ecosystem.




Professional Certification and Membership of the Institute is not only mandatory for all persons involved in the practice of Production And Operations Management in the Federal Republic of Nigeria but also a necessity for effective and efficient performance, which organisations need to achieve competitiveness, profitability, sustainability and increasing shareholder value.

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