Membership Eligibility of Nigerian Institute of Production Management- NIPM

Membership Eligibility of Nigerian Institute of Production Management- NIPM

Membership is open to all persons involved in production,supply chain and operations management in public or private; manufacturing and service sectors of the Nation’s economy.
Production may be industrial sector- based such as agriculture, mining, construction, energy (oil and gas, electricity), manufacturing or service. Our membership and professional practice cuts across these industrial sub-sectors Networking , cross- learning and observance of codes of professional practice across these industries have made tremendous impacts on the careers and businesses of our members nationwide and globally.

NIPM is the professional association of persons who direct and manage general business operations, manufacturing operations, supply chain operations, logistics operations, transportation operations, procurement/ purchasing operations, project operations, warehousing operations, research and development (R&D)/ technical operations, engineering and maintenance operations, health, environmental and safety operations, quality operations and other areas to which operations can be applied.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) is the regulatory body of production and operations directors and managers
Your don’t have to use “production manager” job title to become a member. The production manager title is the starting point and it is simply descriptive of a part of the long chain in the management of operations and production processes.The roles of Production Managers as theorized in many textbooks do not represent the meaning of production management fully. Production is more than transforming raw materials into finished products in the factory. Top and Senior Production Managers use such job titles as Chief Operations / Operating Officer (COO), manufacturing director, supply chain director, plant manager, technical operations director, site director, factory manager, general manager- operations, head of manufacturing et cetera. Even at that, production management stretches through the entire value chain from primary production to supplier/ customer partnerships and alliances to the final consumer and post- consumption, re-use of by-products , re- cycling and utilisation of waste in further production including sustainability issues. Production chain runs from nature to nature….Local, regional and international….Production services cover all business operations that support direct production activities from the logistics of sourcing materials to distribution ,customer service delivery, after sales service and beyond.
The entire organisation is about PRODUCTION. Production management is not limited to a manufacturing plant or a particular department as erroneously believed. The MD/CEO of every organisation is the Chief Production Executive (CPO)*
Without PRODUCTION there is no business
CEOs and directors, industrialists,entrepreneurs and executives in service organisations are eligible for the membership of NIPM. Academics, researchers and consultants in the field of Production, Supply Chain and Operations Management are also eligible for membership.
University and Polytechnic undergraduates or graduates in any discipline be it natural sciences, social sciences/management and business administration, engineering, technology and humanities/the arts can pursue successful careers in Production and Operations Management
In fact, all persons who have role ,responsibility or accountability for ensuring effective, efficient and sustainable acquisition and utilisation of resources for profitable value delivery while achieving customer satisfaction and other desirable stakeholders’-centric KPIs is a production and operations manager
The field of Production and Operations Management which incorporates other specialist areas to which operations is applied offer limitless employment and entrepreneurial opportunities anywhere in the world.
Indeed, the practice of production and operations management is pivotal to the economic growth and development of every nation.


Become A Registered, Professionally Certified Production,Supply Chain and Operations Management Professional..CPSCOMP.

*Professional Examinations are held both on- line and at accredited centres nationwide.

Visit NIPM Secretariat or call the telephone numbers 08023140750, 08069006671 for your membership registration and CERTIFICATION. Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced DIPLOMA/PGD Programmes available

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