Manufacturing/Factory/Plant Managers-Direct NIPM Membership Registration and Professional Certification to Practice in Nigeria.

Do you manage a factory or plant in Nigeria? Are you involved in operations, be it production, supply  chain, logistics, procurement, quality, maintenance, safety, distribution or any other aspect of general business operations? Do you know that Production And Operations Management is a regulated practice in Nigeria?



Lead professional practice standards in your organisation.Hurry now! Take advantage of the newly created opportunity to be a Certified Professional in Manufacturing Management, Supply Chain And Operations Management etc.and a Full Member of NIPM (MNIPM).



What the law says about professional practice of Production and Operations Management in Nigeria is clear.



If you are involved in directing, controlling or overseeing manufacturing or service operations in any part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria you need to be registered with the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM).


Founded in1987, Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) was duly registered by the Federal Government on 20th July, 1998 with the main object of regulating the standards of practice and the promotion and advancement of the profession of Production and Operations Management in Nigeria.



We need to set the record straight that the administration of standards of practice for effective professional performance resides with the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM).


As the professional education, training, membership and certification approving authority on Production And Operations Management in the country we take exception to the unbridled manner in which all types of claims over “Charter” or “professional certifications” that have rended the air in the recent past.


Professional learning and development has become dynamic and global.That’s understandable.



However, we have a responsibility at NIPM to clarify our mandate in the midst of noisome contradictions and dubious claims and to educate the Nigerian public so that our silence is not mistaken for acceptance, acquiescence or connivance.



As practitioners we need to join hands with the Institute to promote professionalism and fight against bad practices or unprofessional conduct. For the upcoming or prospective practitioners there is need to tread the right path.


We often receive enquiries from the members of the public about Charter and Certification. Yes, the Institute conducts Certification Training and give awards. It also conducts training for different categories of Managers, Supervisors, Technicians and Operatives at the behest of client organisations. NIPM also conducts Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post- Graduate Diploma Courses Online and through weekend classes. These are mostly company- sponsored.



Membership Registration and qualifications issued by NIPM is the ultimate as far as the law is concerned. NIPM has the powers and legitimacy that any Chartered body has…the powers to regulate the standards of professional practice.


Today, the highest regulatory authority on the practice of Professionals Professional And Operations Management in Nigeria is NIPM. So, NIPM Certification is as good as a Chartered qualification but we don’t flaunt that. We won’t join the crowd. You don’t need to chase after the charade either.

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