We have abundant natural resources that could be transformed into finished goods for competitive advantage but we would rather have a vision- impaired bread and butter, corrupt politicians and leaders (so-called) who are proud to be citizens of foreign countries and plunderers our national treasury. That’s why such projects like Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mills built by both Nigeria and the USSR in 1979, etc that could be the bedrock of the Nation’s technological take-off and spur of industrialisation got bungled.





We are are not growing or developing as a country because we do not take production seriously but rather dependent on a single source of national income- oil with an unbridled penchant for the consumption of imports.


They have taken over virtually all our construction projects, bought our land massively nationwide for agricultural, manufacturing and mining purposes. Now we look helpless waiting for our children and their children to work on their farms, construction sites and factories. I think we need to do something fast. We need to wake up from our slumber as a Nation.


Presently they use our youths ( children) as slave labour. We consume Chinese and other foreign  products with  thoughtless avarice.


Today we are indebted  to China and other nations to the extent that our coming generations may have to slave under them as our forefathers did under the British.


Way forward is: let’s increase production, consume less foreign goods,  stop selling our land carelessly to foreigners and patronize MADE IN NIGERIA




Join NIPM as a Member and let’s promote Production and Operations Management, professionally together.  The Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM), is a Federal Government registered professional regulatory body of Production And Operations Management in Nigeria.


NIPM works with organisations and individuals to advance careers in production and operations for global competitive advantage.



I’m currently working as the  Chief Servant Leader of the Nigeran Institute of Production Management.You can reach me on 08032140750 to help you chart a career course in Production And Operations Management. Send what’s app message if the line is busy. For serious enquiries only. Consultation is free!.


My name is Olaniyi Opanuga Improving Supervisors, Technicians And Operatives Effectiveness Skills Training-NIPM.



You need NIPM APPROTECHS Professional Training to keep your production lines running smoothly and raise the performance of your Factory Supervisors, Technicians and Operators to enviable standards.



Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) is the National Centre for Production,Supply Chain Operations Management Excellence in Nigeria.


NIPM  helps organisations to build professionally competent Production and Operations Teams through Learning And Development as well as Professional Membership registration and CERTIFICATION programmes.

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