Department of Maintenance Operations Management.

Earn the professional qualifications you need to improve performance standards in the provision of utilities, maintenance of infrastructures, facilities, plant, machinery, equipment and allied technical, project and operational support services.

Department of Maintenance Operations Management.

The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)


Leverage Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM professional education, training and membership programmes to scale up job, career and business opportunities.


The systems and processes used to produce goods and services require effective and efficient management.


The critical role of maintenance operations management cannot be overemphasized.


Earn the professional qualifications you need to improve performance standards in the provision of utilities, maintenance of infrastructures, facilities, plant, machinery, equipment and allied technical, project and operational support services.

Department of Engineering Management.


Register for professional certification, diploma, advanced diploma, PGD in Engineering Management and membership to propel your career forward.


Take actionable steps. Boost your CV., personal and business profile. Be equipped with credentials to maximize present and future career prospects.


Become a member of Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM. Join the Society for Certified Maintenance Operations Management Professionals – SCMOMP.



Earn Professional Diploma/PGD in Engineering Management.


NIPM | Department of Engineering Operations Management, School of Facility, Project, Maintenance and Engineering Management.


Study and gain mastery of professional skills and competencies for effective performance of engineering management roles and functions with specific focus on leading and managing workforce or project teams for results, planning, controlling and optimization of resources and overseeing systems and processes for exceptional performance of production organizations both manufacturing and service.


The best institution that provides education and training in facility, project, maintenance and engineering management in Nigeria is the School of Facility, Project, Maintenance and Engineering Management, Nigerian Institute of Production Management – NIPM.


Learning outcomes of NIPM programmes on facilities, project, maintenance and engineering management focus on service reliability, production efficiency and operational effectiveness of an organization.


Engineers design, develop, produce and maintain, plant, machinery, equipment facilities and processes. They need management and business administration expertise to advance their careers to the top in both public and private sector organizations.



Those who aim at the top don’t get fixated to fixing things or stay glued to old knowledge and qualifications. They get others to do things while providing the guidance, leadership, organization, communication, control, co- ordination and direction. Learn how policy and strategy work. Learn how to manage human resources, projects, change, innovation and more!


To move your career forward you need to acquire new knowledge, skills and professional qualifications.


The reality is that all engineers and technologists in the world need production, operations and general management knowledge as they prepare move up on the management ladder.


Engineering and technology don’t have any value without production of quality goods and services delivered safely, timely, profitably and satisfactorily to the customers and consumers. Understanding the human factor and the management of administrative processes is important in technical roles.





Add value to your technical capabilities in specialized areas of engineering such as civil and environmental, electrical/electronics, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical, petroleum, agricultural, marine,5 industrial/production, computer/software, aerospace, geotechnical, structural et cetera by acquiring management and business knowledge and skills to drive technological innovations and improve engineering team quality of work output, project delivery, client/customer service, maintainability, reliability, productivity, efficiency and sustainability.



We are a professional production and operations management body. Our emphasis is on how engineers and technologists can increase operational management competencies to ensure production effectiveness. Rather than looking at the technical side alone we emphasize the need to reach organizational goals by examining human, natural, material, technological, financial, capital, facility and other resources, the supply chains and logistics, the entire systems and processes, finding ways to solve problems, decision making, setting metrics and KPIs to improve performance and more.


Engineers and technologists need more knowledge of the application of management and business principles as they grow in their careers.



Acquire and increase knowledge for overseeing and managing engineering operations with particular focus on people, systems and processes for exceptional performance.


Build your career for management relevance especially when you’re eyeing senior management position.



Plan, supervise, manage and lead projects successfully.


Learn about Project Operations Excellence and best implementation practices. Ensure factory equipment and plant reliability.


Smoot Manufacturing and Service Operations at the highest level of efficiency and optimum cost require professionalism.


At the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) Centre for Engineering Project Operations (CEPO) we hold these two things sacrosanct-helping organizations to manage projects successfully and to keep their customer service facilities or manufacturing plant operations running smoothly, reliably and sustainably through staff training and capability building using world class best practices and industry 4.0 based instructional technology.


Contact us: 08023140750, 0806900667, 08066411565, 09023194157.





  • Project Planning And Scheduling for Results Course


  • Project Management Course


  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Course


  • Maintenance Engineering Training for Managers, Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians.


  • Facility Management Strategy Course


  • Equipment Installation, Maintenance And Protection for Reliability Course


  • Effective Communication And Technical Report Writing.


  • Effective Machine Lubrication, Instrumentation, Process Monitoring & Equipment Protection Course.


  • Production Management Appreciation for Supervisors And Technicians Course


  • Water Treatment, Wastewater Management And Pollution Control Course


  • Improvement Course for Production Supervisors And Technicians


  • Engineering Safety Course (level I, II, III)


  • Effective Management of Facilities Maintenance Course


  • Maintenance Technicians Skills Improvement Course


  • Maintenance Supervision Skills Course


  • Value Engineering And Value Analysis Training


  • Certified Production Supervisors And Technicians (CPSTC) Certification Course


Rather than the ad hoc methods adopted to repair and maintain machines and equipment which sub-optimize resources and capacity in the past today world class organizations are now adopting proactive techniques, sophisticated tools and computer programs to drive work processes.


Your maintenance effectiveness will not only impact Production but also the entire Supply Chain and your Customers, hence bottom line, shareholders value6 and corporate image.




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