Certified Product Manager (CPM) / Diploma, PGD Product Management

Become a certified product manager. Acquire professional certification, diploma, advanced diploma or postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Product Management.

Certified Product Manager (CPM) / Diploma, PGD Product Management

The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)



Become a certified product manager. Acquire professional certification, diploma, advanced diploma or postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Product Management.


Gain specialist and general knowledge with practical tools. Leverage NIPM professional education, training and membership programmes and get a high-paying job and move up the ladder until you get to the top. Our andragogy model focuses on technical savviness, operational excellence and business acumen.

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Actualizing the product vision and goals, leading an innovation and customer solution-centric team, managing your product life-cycle (PLC) successfully and ensuring steady sustainable growth and profitability especially in the face of fierce global competition, age of rapid technological change and the promising streaks of artificial intelligence (AI) require professional mastery. Combining technical and business skills PMs need all it takes to make a product (or group of products) profitable on a long-term basis.

Is Product Management a good Career?

Yes, your future in project management role is bright. Job openings are on the increase and product manager job opportunities will continue to grow with high earning potential. Many successful CEOs started their career as Products Managers.



What are the roles associated with Product Management?

There are other roles that are closely related to the job of creating, launching, delivering and improving products to satisfy customer needs.

Executives, Managers, advisers and specialists in the marketing, sales management, customer service and relationship management, brand management, technical sales support etc. are examples. Successful Product Managers (PMs) are interpreneurs who are passionate about customer value.

PMs should be able to work with cross-functional teams, think strategically and work tactically translating vision and strategy into concrete product design and deliverables.

What Product Management Job is about?

Working closely with the technical (R & D/Design) engineering, sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and logistics teams, product managers engage in planning, developing, launching, marketing and overseeing the successful performance of a product or a group of products, as a business in the form of profit and loss (P & L) account.

Product managers identify customer requirements, collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure customer service delivery and satisfaction and track necessary KPIs to ensure product success.

Build Requisite Skills

Determining product features and providing customer solutions require strategy and decision – making. Product management role require vital skillset. Some are related to research, technical, data analytics, statistics, marketing, finance, relational, strategy and road-mapping, innovation, technology, communication, business and more!

PMs are to ensure that new and existing products are constantly improved for enhanced market performance even as they develop the competencies of their team members for excellent results.



  • Blended Learning or Modular Options
  • Online/Classroom
  • Case Studies
  • Video Training
  • Role Playing
  • Project
  • Lectures with actionable simulators and Models


As from #165, 000


  • Certification – 2-days intensive Classroom teaching with exam
  • Certification – 4-Weeks Online
  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma/PGD – From 3 Months – 9 Months Online


Obtain Application Form #15, 000 only to start.

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