What is the meaning of NIPM?

What is the meaning of NIPM?

Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM) is the national professional body registered to regulate the practice of Production And Operations Management in Nigeria.


When was NIPM established?

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM ) was established in August,1987 and registered on the 20th July,1998 as a regulatory professional body of production and operations managers in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


What are the Aims and Objectives of NIPM?

The objects for which the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) was established are:
* To regulate the standards of practice and the promotion and advancement of the profession of production and operations management in Nigeria.

*To provide professional education,training,publications and management consultancy services in all aspects of production and operations management in manufacturing,agriculture, mining, oil and gas,construction and allied productive sectors.

*To establish and manage institutions and centres and conduct examinations, competency tests and administer awards of merit,certificates,diplomas,and other qualifications solely or in partnership with Universities,Polytechnics or other educational, training establishments or organisations.

*,To provide professional services in, or associated with research and development (R&D),design, quality, productivity, efficiency, cost improvement, protection (security),safety, sanitation, health and environment.

*To provide technical, technological, engineering and general management consultancy services.

*To supply organisations with ideas,plans, strategy,information, instruction, personnel (manpower recruitment & executive selection services) and all assistance necessary for improved administration and management and for the purpose of optimizing resources for greater efficiency, higher productivity,improved services and increased profitability .

*To carry out other business the Institute may decide upon,to establish or promote or concur to promote any other organisations whose objects shall advance the objects or interests of the Institute,and to do all or any of the above in any part of the world.


Activities of NIPM

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM ) since inception in 1987 has been involved in the following activities:

* Organising national conferences, workshops and general meetings involving Federal and State Governments, Ministries, Development and Agencies (MDAs), issuing communiques,position papers and providing inputs for effective public policy formulation and implementation,especially industrial policy.

* Sensitisation, industrial visitation,university career programmes, media campaigns and free industrial training on professional and ethical standards.

*Publication of Professional Journal- Production Management Review (PMR) and NIPM Newsletter etc.

*Organising workshops, seminars, and lectures involving Chairmen, Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors and senior managers of manufacturing industries and CEOs/ DGs/top officials of relevant Government agencies and Staff training courses for various organisations across public and private sectors of the Nation’s economy.

*Providing professional resource prop for the Organised Private Sector (OPS)- training programmes of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)

*Administration of professional examinations/ tests and supervising projects and awarding Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Post- Graduate Diploma for persons who wish to become professionally qualified production and operations managers or become members of the Institute.

*Registration of individual and corporate members and updating/ upscaling thier professional knowledge, skills and ethical behaviours for enhanced performance.

*Helping industrial organisations to increase capacity utilisation, improve quality, efficiency, reliability, productivity, health, safety and environment, reduce waste, increase competitiveness and profitability through education, training,advisory services etc.

*Advocacy for “MADE IN NIGERIA”.

*Entrepreneurship Development programmes.


What is Association for Production,Supply Chain And Operations Management of Nigeria (APSCOM)?

Association for Production,Supply Chain And Operations Management of Nigeria (APSCOM) is the epithet or another name for Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM).

APSCOM is adopted to reflect the scope of the Nigeran Institute of Production Management ( NIPM)’s authority and powers of regulating, advancing and promoting the practice of production and operations management in Nigeria.

“Management of operations include but not limited to manufacturing/production operations, service operations, logistics operations and supply chain operations”.says Dr Olaniyi Opanuga, President, Nigerian Institute of Production Management(NIPM)

Production may be agricultural, construction, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing or energy production as well as production of services.

Supply chain management is an aspect of production and operations management. Supply Chain Managers work in production organisations whether manufacturing or service industries. They report to manufacturing/ factory/ plant/operations directors/managers in many organisations.
Globally, Chief Operations Officer or Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is next to the CEO co-ordinate most departments of the organisation. For further clarification it is important to understand that all business processes comprise operations. Supply chain management is a process. There are supply chain processes (as pointed out earlier, each process comprises a set of operations ). These operations may be internal or external. They usually involve some form of co- operation, partnerships and alliances. The focus of operations in supply chains is on customer value, service reliability, cost effectiveness, speed, efficiency and competitive advantage.

According to Dr Olaniyi Opanuga, “operations are deliberate and organised activities, efforts or tasks aimed at achieving specific goals and objectives. It could be machine operations, manual operations or both or other types. e.g. supply chain management is the management of interconnected operations or integration of operations required to ensure that products and services get to the customers as required and for optimum value to all the stakeholders.These operations connect multiple organisations linking primary producers/suppliers with the customers/consumers or end users. Supply chain operations may be local or global”.


Which body regulates professional certification in production and operations management in Nigeria ?

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) as the regulatory body of production and operations management practice in Nigeria is authorized by law to ensure that all persons who teach,practice, consult or otherwise engage in production and operations management irrespective of thier job descriptions, designations or titles should undergo appropriate education, training and registration. The Institute has the mandate to approve qualifications for practice. Consequently, all institutions or organisations involved in academic or certification programmes in production and operations management in Nigeria need accreditation of the Nigeran Institute of Production Managemeny ( NIPM).


Dr Olaniyi Opanuga, FNIPM, CPM, COM, COSM, COPOM© President/Chairman of council NIGERIAN INTITUTE OF PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (The Association for Production, Supply chain and Operations Management) June 8, 2019

Dr Olanyi Opanuga, FNIPM is the President and Chairman of Council, Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM).

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