Society for Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Management (SOHSEM) Membership,Training & Online Diploma/PGD Programmes

Society for Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Management (SOHSEM) Membership,Training & Online Diploma/PGD Programmes

Get your Staff trained for Safety Compliance and Effective Accident Prevention. Develop yourself and your team. As HSE/SHE Specialists, HRM professionals or Executives interested in OSHE you need to advance your career with NIPM- SOHSEM Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Management Training, Online Professional Certificate,Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Programmes leading to Membership Registration and CERTIFICATION.

The Society for Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Management (SOHSEM) is a non-profit membership- based unit of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) founded on the premise of improving the standards of environmental, health and safety practices in industrial organisations nationwide.
We are leveraging our diverse professional capabilities from Human Resources Management manufacturing management consulting to industrial and safety engineering, safety, health and environmental management, ergonomics, toxicology, technology and Industrialisation, operations and supply chain management etc. and past industrial project experiences as a team of acclaimed leading experts and the recent SHE training sessions in the plants of major multinational and international manufacturing companies to extend capability building opportunities to include online Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Courses for Managers and Senior Executives who need to refresh, update and upskill themselves with CERTIFICATION to boost their profile and status.

NIPM- SOHSEM in collaboration with Optimum Resources Safety Institute ( ORSI) is partnering with organisations to foster a safe and healthy production environment. Producton is the epicenter of this rapidly evolving multidisciplinary field. Globally, industrial systems are fast changing and business operations are growing in complexity with implications for the need to continuously re-engineer industrial processes and remodel solutions to consistently bring down morbidity and mortality rates across the world and the various industrial sub-sectors in Nigeria particularly.

We believe in Zero Accident and Incidence Intolerance. We believe in Total Protection.We uphold the tenets of a safe workplace environment and safe work behaviours and practices. At NIPM- SOHSEM we know that individual and corporate compliance will prevent or reduce harm to the people, property and our environment

Membership is diverse in the sense that we admit the SHE Specialists/ HR Professionals and Executives from Production, Operations, Logistics, Engineering, Supply Chain etc. to allow for a wider blend of knowledge, insights,competencies and broader perspectives .
Our Members nationwide discuss, crosslearn and share global OHSE best practices aimed at designing and developing plans, policies and strategies for improved corporate OSHE performance. And, this is good for quality, reliability, productivity ,brand and corporate image and bottomline results.They are guided to regularly review local or national laws/ legislations/ regulations as well as international regulations including the Guidelines and Activities of World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) with relevant certifications and resources.

SOHSEM holds/ organises meetings, training courses, online training, workshops, in-house training sessions, HSE process and facilities inspection , free safety sensitisation programmes, industrial visitations, debates etc. It issues publications and provide professional information and guidance to members.

SOHSEM provides training and general consultancy services including Occupational Health, Safety And Accident Prevention, Basic HSE Management, Health & Safety Management Systems, Legal Aspects of Safety, Health And Environmental Management, Good Housekeeping And Industrial Hygiene Practices, Medical Facilities, Emergencies And First Aid, Hazard Classification, Identification, Risk Assessment, Control And Management, Safe Work Practices, Fire Precautions, Fire Prevention/Protection and Emergency Procedures, Process And Chemical Safety, Electro- Mechanical Safety, Laboratory Safety, Crane And Rigging Operations, Explosives And Firearms Safety, Motor Vehicles And Allied Road Safety, BioSafety, Process & Materials Handling Safety, Catering Services And Food Safety, Construction And Building Safety, Environmental Pollution, Drinking Water And Waste Water Safety, Waste Management Safety, Equipment Handling & Metal Work Safety, Agricultural Safety, Security Administration & Security Operations Management, Electricity/Power Safety, Aircraft Safety, Water Transport Safety, Supply Chain And Logistics Safety, Safety Engineering Projects,Design and Development of OSHE Management Systems and Safety Administration Advisory Services etc.

To Register as a Member or for Online Diploma Programmme obtain Application Form #6,500 and for your Open/In-House Training call 08023140750, 08069006671

You are welcome to NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (NIPM ) Society for Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Management ( SOHSEM)

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