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With over 30 years of impactful operations beginning with the pioneering of the promotion, advancement, and regulation of professional practice standards in Production and Operations Management in the 1980s NIPM has consistently supported the growth and development of Individual members including notable CEOs and Directors as well as Corporate Members such as Federal Government organisations and leading Multinational, International and Indigenous Manufacturing companies across industrial sectors nationwide.


NIPM is synonymous with the evolution of the professional practice of Production And Operations Management in Nigeria. Before the advent of NIPM Nigerian employers were rarely viewing Production And Operations Management as a Profession. NIPM helped to generate the needed awareness, reinforcement and recognition nationwide


*NIPM has trained thousands of managers, engineers, scientists, technologists, and top-level practitioners and academics and manufacturing staff including Factory Operatives, Technicians and Supervisors.


NIPM Training And Development curriculum and syllabuses have been widely adopted in many manufacturing organizations


Company directors and Senior Executives have also benefited from the Institute’s Professional Post- Graduate Diploma (PGD) and Senior Operations Management Development Programmes over the last 3 decades.


Professional Development is vital to success at all levels of Management and key to effective Corporate Governance.


NIPM is your professional association if you practice Operations Management or Production Management in manufacturing, construction, energy, mining, agriculture or service industry or any aspects thereof including jobs, functions or roles to which Operations Management is applied in any part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Visit us at 23, Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate,Ikeja, Lagos or call 08023240750, 08069006671 for Membership, Certification, Diploma and Training Programmes.


Let’s help you to build your staff professional capability through our veritable Learning and Development (L&D) programmes and Global Membership Network.


Founded in 1987 NIPM was registered in 1998 by the Federal Government to regulate the standards of professional practice of Production And Operations Management in Nigeria


If you are a CEO, COO or Manufacturing, Supply Chain, or Operations Director you need to register with NIPM. We need you to provide the needed professional leadership for high performance and sound ethical conduct of your subordinates


Top Management should ensure that their Plant/Factory Managers and indeed all Senior Executives who oversee, control or coordinate manufacturing or operations are duly certified by the Nigerian Institute of Production Management in line with the extant laws.


Your Membership confers a number of benefits including Certification, subsidized professional learning and development, networking, and the use of professional letter- FNIPM, MNIPM, ANIPM indicative of professional competence, commitment, and status.

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