Production Operations Techniques Certification- POTC Examinations is mandatory for all persons who wish to practice Production and Operations Management (POM) at the lowest level of any organisation in Nigeria.

To work in a factory or manufacturing plant as an Operative you need to achieve at least an aggregate score of 50% in the 4 Modular Courses and 12 Sub- Courses or Subjects with topics on which approved learning units are based.

If your workers don’t have this NIPM Cetification you are missing out something in your Human Resources Management policy, strategy and decisions.

NIPM administers POTC Examinations to provide benchmarks for professional learning and development (L&D) of personnel who work at low- level management for enhanced corporate effectiveness.


Employ professionals, not quacks. Retain Certified Production Operations Workers who can perform and not drain- pipes and weak links in production and supply chains.

Like the Certifications for Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Production Managers and Production Supervisors, And Technicians this Cetification and Qualifying Examinations is important.


NIPM is concerned with regulatory standards of professional practice of Production And Operations Management given its legal mandate.

Also, being a stakeholder NIPM is interested in the productivity and prosperity of all production organisations in Nigeria. NIPM has a responsibility to provide guidance for staff training.


Learning And Development (L&D) must be dynamic. In its over 30 years of training partnerships with multinational, international and indigenous manufacturing companies and Federal Government organisations the Nigerian Institute of Production Management has discovered certain missing links in Learning and Development (L&D)- ineffectual repetitive training and constant performance gaps in core production operations functions due to lack of foundational competencies.

Production Operations jobs are professional in nature and organisations need to understand this clearly if they hope to maximize success.


Let NIPM help you to build the professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors of your Operatives.

Beyond Talent Development NIPM will help you to build your workforce capabilities so that you can maximize their potentials – they will be able to carry out higher job functions.


World-class organisations see Production and Operations Management as a profession not only at the top or middle- level but right from the lowest level of management.

Employers need NIPM Certified workers to guarantee acceptable minimum standards of proficiency, efficiency, quality, safety, productivity and ethical behaviours and attitudes.


Save cost, time, and energy.
Deploy your resources to better ends. Let your workers pick up knowledge and gain mastery that they will value and use reliably and effectively in their employment situations. Let them cherish learning on their own and get tested for proficiency and competence.

Organisations waste money on training and retraining with little or no impact because the benchmarks of foundational knowledge are lacking.


Production Operations capabilities are not the same as specialised trade skills you expect artisans like a lab. technicians, machinists, welders, electricians, mechanics, boiler, or machine operators to have.

They are a body of knowledge, skills, and behaviours which artisans need to become better, smarter and highly productive workers.

A production worker should be seeing from the purview of a “total manpower”. Because they work in teams and chain processes you may have highly skilled employees in their own right but who are unproductive or unable to produce desirable results as a team.

Some skilled workers need excessive supervision and control while others lack the right attitudes and behaviours in team operations as well as internal cross-functional and external dealings.

Many lack Customer Orientation and knowledge of Total Quality.

Others may need to be reminded and monitored closely to work safely and observe simple rules of hygiene and conform to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) etc.


Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) has introduced a Training and Certification Examinations Scheme- Production/ Operations Techniques Certification to establish standards-based systems of instruction and assessment to promote proficiency, competence and ethical behaviours in production and operations jobs at the lowest level of the organisation.


Production Operations Techniques CERTIFICATION- POTC- is mandatory for all Factory Workers or Operatives who work in the manufacturing, agricultural, Oil and Gas/Electricity, Mining, Construction or Service industries. They include Artisans- Tradesmen/Craftsmen- Technicians, Mechanics, Electricians, Pipefitters, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, Fabricators, Joiners, Welders, Boiler Operators, Machine Operators, Stores/Warehouse workers, Materials Handlers, Forklift Operators and general operatives – skilled or semi- skilled.


This 4 Modular Courses and 12 Sub- Courses cover Foundations of Production Operations, Professional Production And Operations Practice, Quality of Work Output, Basic Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental (OHSE) Practices, Production Cost And Waste Reduction, Productivity And Efficiency in Operations, Production Systems, Processes and Methods,
Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Production Operations Procedures, Production Operations Team Dynamics and Basic Production Operations Ethical Behaviours and others.


Whether they work in factory assembly lines, process control/quality control, R&D laboratories, warehouses/stores, engineering workshops, sites, industrial automated systems using PLCs or some electromechanical processes, handling equipment both pneumatic/hydraulic/ heating or cooling systems, power controls, using hand tools, handling hazardous materials and processes, or engaged in routine manual tasks NIPM learning and testing methodology is structured to combine principles with experience sharing for practicality, synergy and integration.


NIPM Certification programmes are presented to facilitate basic understanding and faster future learning and upskilling in the workplace.

For your Staff Certification Training And Examinations or In- House Training on Operative Effectiveness, Productivity and Efficiency, Cost Reduction And Waste Control, Safe Equipment And Materials Handling, Machine Lubrication And Equipment Protection, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), Occupational Health And Safety/HSE Practices/Industrial Accident Prevention, 5S, Quality Improvement, Maintenance Operations Reliability Skills, and other Production Operations Skills Training call 08023149750, O8069006671, 08066411565, 09023195357 or visit NIPM Secretariat at Acme House, 3rd floor, 23 Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.

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