Production in Nigeria

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) is the foremost production institution providing education and training in the management of agriculture, mining, oil, gas, electricity (energy), manufacturing, construction and service with focus on productivity, safety, quality, maintainability, reliability, efficiency, profitability, growth and sustainability.

Production in Nigeria

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) is the foremost production institution providing education and training in the management of agriculture, mining, oil, gas, electricity (energy), manufacturing, construction and service with focus on productivity, safety, quality, maintainability, reliability, efficiency, profitability, growth and sustainability.

NIPM sets professional standards, conducts examinations and award qualifications, provides membership networking opportunities, imparts knowledge and share information and best practices through research, publications, training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences as well as advocacy programmes to promote innovation, improve competency boost workplace performance and support the interests of people engaged in the profession of production and operations management as a profession, maintaining ethical conduct in practice while serving the public good.

Our clients and members have benefited immensely from a wide range of employee learning and professional development programmes that drive industry standards and enhance career growth. NIPM is making great impact on the economic sectors below:



NIPM and Agricultural Sector

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM trains and develop manpower for higher productivity, improved safety, quality, efficiency, maintainability, profitability and sustainability across the nation’s agricultural value chain. NIPM is a Federal Government registered professional body regulating the standards of production and operations management practices in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s agricultural sector is known to be underdeveloped and requires urgent transformational management so that increased production can lead to food availability adequate feedstock for the secondary industries, reduced penchant for import, a boost to GDP and foreign exchange earnings and ultimate by economic growth.


Mining & Steel Sector Training –Mineral & Metal Supply Chain Management Courses

Explore production, logistics, supply chain, engineering, project and operations management certification, diploma, PGD, NIPM membership and staff training programmes for increased knowledge, upskilling, improved performance and career advancement across the mining and metal value chain.

The mining and quarrying sector contributed about 6 percent of Nigeria’s GDP in 2021 with potentials for improvement.

NIPM Professional training and development programme helps you to close skills-gap and boost medium to long term performance whether you are involved in mineral production (exploration, extraction and processing of metallic and non-metallic minerals) or metal production processes and associated engineering, technology and facility maintenance, energy, power and allied utilities, quality, safety, health and environmental operations, logistics and supply chain management.

NIPM has in the last 35 years of operation helped numerous mining and metal manufacturers to improve operational efficiency, managerial performance, employee productivity and safety, process and quality improvement for competitive advantage. Our clients in this sector include Lafarge Cement Plc, Nigerian Wire Industries Plc, Galvanizing Industries Ltd, Metalum Limited, First Aluminum Nigeria Plc and Primepak Industries Nigeria Ltd.      

Join our online or classroom programmes as we provide interactive and practice-centric learning experience.

Petrochemical & Chemical Industry Training-Lubricant, Paints, Plastics Production Courses

Beyond crude oil and natural gas exploration and production and setting up refineries, petrochemical plants, lubricant blending and LPG plants and factories for paints, rubber and plastics, explosives, agrochemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, chemicals use in pharmaceuticals industry and so on. NIPM helps you to build and improve capacity for process optimization and peak workforce productivity.


Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical Plant & Lube Oil Production Training

NIPM provides professional education, training and certification for managers, supervisors and operatives in upstream, midstream and downstream operations for improved productivity, safety, quality, efficiency and increased productivity.  

As a professional regulatory body for production and operations management, Nigerian Institute of production Management (NIPM) is committed to high standards of operational excellence. Our training programmes will enable you to strengthen the competencies your staff need to increase bottomline results for maximum shareholder value in any area of hydrocarbon value chain.

Contact us for your staff training and expect to quality service that will transform your entire operations.   



Brewing, Bottling, Canning & Packaging Operations Training Courses

NIPM provides training for leading multinational breweries, bottling, canning and packaging companies in Nigeria. Explore our excellent training solutions.

Winning and highly profitable brand pivot on continuous investment in human capital. As the national professional regulatory body of production and operations management, Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) helps you to ensure that your managers, supervisors and operatives acquire the right knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours for improved performance.


Cosmetics, Personal Care & Consumer Health Products Industry Training

We train managers, supervisors and operatives to improve performance in manufacturing processes involving consumer products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, toiletries, feminine hygiene products and other household goods. Let’s have a chat to train your staff for improved productivity, safety, quality and better customer experience.


Power Products, Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing Training

We conduct power sector courses and training for your managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians and operatives involved in the manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distribution of power points products such as transformers, generators, inverters, other electrical products, equipment, tools, cables, wires, industrial appliances such as air-conditioners,  refrigerators, freezers, power supply units, mobile phones, radars, sensors, TV sets, mobile network infrastructure and systems components, computers and other electronic devices, other products of electrical and electronic engineering industries.


Textile Industry Training Courses in Nigeria

NIPM and COPOM are key players in manpower training for improved productivity in the cotton, garments, fashion and textile sector.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) and College of Production & Operations Management (COPOM) have partnered with leading textile and garment manufacturers to build and improve knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour for effective professional practice leading to efficiency gains, waste reduction, quality and safety improvement, maintainability, reliability, increased competitiveness and profitability in this vital but labour intensive sector.


Industrial Sector Training In Nigeria

NIPM Training Courses, Workshop and Seminars help to close knowledge, skills and competence gas in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy (electricity, oil and gas), construction and service subsectors of the nation’s economy to drive efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of organizations as well as GDP growth.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) has been playing a key role in professional manpower training and development for 35 years in leading agro-based, health care-based, consumer goods-based, hospitality-based and industrial product-based multinational, international and indigenous industries.


Building Materials and Construction Industry Courses

We train your staff for improved standards of performance leading to top quality, total safety, reliability and higher productivity.

Lack of adequate professional production and operations management skills impact construction industry. Our 35 years of consulting, training and partnering experience with leading multinational, international and indigenous companies in the building materials and construction sector. Such organizations include Lafarge Cement, Nigerite, NIWIL, CAP Plc, Berger Paints, Portland Pints & Products, First Aluminum Plc etc.

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