Operations, Manufacturing And Production Careers

NIPM proven Integrity

Operations, Manufacturing And Production Careers

Manufacturing jobs require high level of academic and professional qualification and experience. Operations, manufacturing, factory, plant and production managers oversee the day-to-day operations of an organization’s manufacturing facilities, involving policy, strategy and decisions aimed at achieving business goals and objectives, and covering areas of capacity, human resource, maintenance and reliability, supply chain and logistics, quality, materials, processes and innovation, cost and management accounting, project management, technology, Health & Safety, Compliance and much more with manufacturing KPIs and metrics as part of key value considerations.

In large organizations production manager’s report to the general manager, manufacturing/plant/factory or operations managers with responsibility for specific production lines, shift, directing and co-ordinating supervisors and factory workers to meet production goals.

Production Managers will traditionally formulate production plans, programmes and schedules and ensure that production targets are met while ensuring workers adherence to quality standards, health and safety regulations, manufacturing standard operating procedure (SOPs) and regulatory requirements.

How NIPM Operates

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) supports organizations to operate with professionally competent operations, manufacturing and production managers, supervisors and workers in furtherance of productive and successful careers in manufacturing and operations.

NIPM proven Integrity

Our clients and certified members have consistently testified to the critical role we are playing in making their production plants more efficient with safer workplace, consistent quality products, reliable equipment and committed workers who work with a sense of ownership.

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