OPANUGA ACADEMY- Dr Olaniyi Opanuga Espouses Philosophy of Education

The Founder and Pioneer Dean of Opanuga Academy, a centre of advanced professional learning,
Dr. Olaniyi Opanuga has given the key dimensions of success in life as capability and integrity.


A School, College or University is not just about buildings. Learning facilities are not limited to fanciful or magnificent structures. Beyond what is basically necessary these are a mere show of opulence and superficial attraction of mundane and ephemeral value says Dr. Opanuga.


He said the purpose of education is to liberate people from the shackles of ignorance, slavery, poverty, selfishness, deprivation and limitations on all forms of human freedom, growth and development both physically, mentally and spiritually as well as socially, morally, economically, technologically, politically and otherwise in line with the will of God….the Ultimate, the Supreme Intelligence and Creator of the Universe….that is what knowledge is about.


Unbridled negligence of quality service and lack of commitment to the common good is ugly acts that are hinged on ignorance.


The rush to acquire paper qualifications without Applied Knowledge and Integrity is a vice of outmoded traditions that today’s educational institutions should change. Opanuga Academy is leading change in this regard.


Some of the gaps have been dealt with through technological advances that have improved Residential or On-Campus education, Distance Education or Online learning experience, and the adoption of the corporate culture of service excellence, global best practices, and associated core values in organisations.


You don’t always need the four walls of the classroom to learn. Learning can take place anywhere. People do learn everywhere and all the time. There are different types of modes and means, methods, and techniques of teaching.


You need to learn the right way.
You need the right information and the right experience suited to your peculiar requirements in life. Opanuga Academy provides you a life-changing opportunity.


Today, paper qualifications are being put to test as employment is increasingly dependent on PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION and PERFORMANCE on the job. Leverage Opanuga Academy’s educational programmes and professional network to achieve your career goals.


Learning best practices is greatly rewarding as opposed to theories and theoretical pontification.
The New Normal is : what you can do with your brain, mind, consciousness, and hands and how you connect with the right people and organisations.


The quality of your mental abilities, skills, and ethical behaviours are important. Who you know and network with is also a key factor of success. Opanuga Academy links you with professional and business networks that can be a catalyst for your career progression, business elevation, and boom.


At Opanuga Academy you’re supported to improve your thinking process and positivize your actions in life and to develop appropriate competencies you need to succeed.


Talents and potentials will amount to nothing if they remain innate and undeveloped or underdeveloped. Mental power and creative energy should be built to create capabilities that can break down barriers of impossibilities in all spheres and in any part of the world.


According to Dr. Opanuga, the focus of the Academy is on teaching specialised skills, character building, and the production of global managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and leaders with intelligence, energy, and moral rectitude.


“Opanuga Academy graduates will be exceptionally excellent performers in multiple sectors, multi-disciplines, and cross-functions. They will be able to think independently, collaboratively and strategically, solve problems, survive amidst challenges, face the world and influence it’s dynamics” Dr. Opanuga asserted.


“We have identified true learning and development goals as providing Applied Knowledge and the Right Professional Attitude.”


“Intelligence will single you out but you need the right Professional Attitude to attain higher Altitude in your career, business, leadership position, and private life” Opanuga emphasized.


At Opanuga Academy we uphold the tenets of iitpec- intelligence, innovation, transformation, performance, entrepreneurship, and character. These drive our credo and values.


Unemployment and business failure are not only a function of societal problems, economic recession, or bad governance but also rooted in lack of Applied Knowledge, the choices people make, and their own character.


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