NIPM- Transforming Manufacturing,Logistics & Supply Chain Management Education & Training- Dr Olaniyi Opanuga

While speaking on the revised NIPM Study Packs in Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Dr Olaniyi Opanuga advised those interested in pursuing or advancing careers in Logistics Management, Manufacturing Management and Supply Chain Management to learn
continuously and extensively.*


” Enrol in Classroom or Online Courses whose learning outcomes take you beyond the theories or the fundamentals as the change sweeping across the world requires serious professional development to build advanced human capabilities for survival, competitiveness and growth.”Opanuga asserted.


Companies are now reinventing their manufacturing, logistics and supply chains to reduce business risks and achieve competitive advantage in a post-pandemic crisis world.


Preparing for future pandemics as well as the localized disasters is also important to explain Dr. Opanuga who also urged manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain managers to think ahead always.


According to Dr. Opanuga, the President of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) and the Chairman, Society for Certified Logistics And Supply Chain Management ( SCLSCM) resilience building, minimizing risks, ensuring operational safety and security is not possible without adjusting knowledge to the new normal.


Organisations need to upskill their managers and executives and other employees, he stated.


“Self- development and deeper professional networking is also expected from manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain managers”.


“The world is changing rapidly. This is not the time to build walls around oneself in self- delusions of competency, power or authority”


“Education and training approaches need to change. NIPM Learning And Development ( L&D) systems are being restructured and updated to reflect the needed transformation be it digital transformation or in terms of the new knowledge required for improving cost, productivity, safety and quality, distribution and depot operations, warehousing, shipping, and allied transportation operations, customer service and fulfillment, project execution and delivery, innovation, introducing new products and services, overhauling procurement and purchasing processes, boosting marketing and sales maximization etc. in a post-pandemic crisis world”.


The global economic distortions occasioned by coronavirus pandemic is currently stretching corporate managers to the limits culminating in the need to restrategize and redesign operations for competitiveness and profitability.


Let NIPM help you to build or update your professional competencies for greater accomplishments.


To participate in the ongoing professional Education and Training Programmes please contact us today on 08069006671, 08023140750


NIPM Education and Training programmes include In- House or Open Training, CERTIFICATION, Diploma and Post- Graduate Diploma Courses in Manufacturing Management, Purchasing/ Procurement and Materials Management, Warehousing, Store Keeping And Materials Handling, Inventory Management And Material Control, Forklift And Mechanical Handling Operations, Import/ Shipping Operations, Distribution / Depot Operations, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management etc.

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