While using the event to relate with the visiting officials of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Dr. Opanuga praised the efforts of training and human resources development institutions like ITF,


The President and Chairman of Council of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) Dr. OLaniyi Opanuga has said that the way operations bordering on warehousing, storekeeping and materials handling are managed within the organization can enhance or undermine its productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. In his opening remarks at a training course on Effective Storekeeping, Warehousing and Materials Handling organized by the Institute for the staff of Prime Pak Industrial Limited recently, Dr. Opanuga stated that executives and other personnel responsible for supply chain logistics which include internal and external transportation, warehousing, storekeeping and inventory control should optimize resources, minimize cost and delivery superior customer service, both internally and externally.

While using the event to relate with the visiting officials of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Dr. Opanuga praised the efforts of training and human resources development institutions like ITF, Center for Management Development (CDM), and the Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITD) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria,  emphasizing that the development of human resources is quintessential for effective and efficient production and operations in organizations.

What NIPM does is to set the standards of practice and certification so that production and operations manager’s, supervisors and worker’s are properly educated, trained and mobilized to perform professionally and succeed in their careers. Human resources and training managers needs to collaborate with professional organizations like NIPM because you can’t effectively and efficiently manage the knowledge you don’t have or build capabilities in areas where you lack professional competence. Production and operations management is based on professional standards which cannot be taught in the work place “on the basis of text book theories or by non-professionals Dr. Opanuga asserted.

Production management is the management of processes and operations which transforms resources (Including human resources) into goods and/or services which satisfy the customers for optimum stakeholder’s value. All processes and operations are part of production, “Dr Opanuga explained adding that “operations are the things you do within every business process that lead to production”.

Operations lead to a process and processes leads to production. Not the other way round as it is being porpularly but mischievously or naïvely peddled. Production is the mother of all opeearions including supply chain and logistics operations. Production takes place everywhere, whether on construction sites, farms, in the offices or market places” he added. Before induction talk shop for the protem members of the NIPM Society of Stores, Warehousing And Materials management (SOSWAM), an assistant consultant with the Institute, Mr Olasukanmi Opanuga had delivered a paper on the role, responsibilies, objectives and accountabilities of storekeeping, warehousing and material handling and another on effective warehousing logistics, material handling optimization, inventory control and internal supply customer service powered by information technology. Other papers focused on warehousing visibility, error-proof tracking and data entries in receiving, storage and dispatching, computerized internal supply chain etc.

Nigerian Institute if Production Management (NIPM) is the professional regulatory body of production and operations managers in Nigeria.



“Supply chain management jobs are necessitated by the growing complexity of operations, changing patterns of market demand and the dynamics of consumer choices. Timeliness, quality, safety, variety and cost have become critical values in global competition”. These are the remarks of Dr Olaniyi Opanuga while speaking with a group of supply chain practitioners who visited him at the National secretariat of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management recently. They had a scheduled visit to the Institute to make enquires about the membership and certification of the NIPM Society with a view to improving supply chain management practice in their organizations and advance their careers.


SOSWAM Society of Stores, Warehousing And Materials Management

Storekeepers, warehouse and materials personnel at Prime Pak Industries Limited were trained recently by the Society of stores, warehousing And Materials Management (SOSWAM) SOSWAM is a division of Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)  Specializing in Warehousing, Stores and Materials Management education and training. The focus of SOSWAM is on the promotion of efficiency and improved performance in materials management.

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