NIPM Health & Safety Society conducts free COVID-19 Good Housekeeping and Hygiene Training- Opanuga.

The Society for Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Management (SOHSEM), Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) plans to embark on industrial visitations, Occupational Health Campaigns, and Free Training for the workers of the corporate members of the Institute.





According to NIPM President Dr. Olaniyi Opanuga, “the sad realities of coronavirus pandemic are too indelible to be sacrificed at the alter of lack of funds or some flimsy excuses and unbridled negligence of good health, safety and environmental practices on the part of the government, management and workers”.





Dr. Opanuga explained that workplace hygiene, cleanliness, and good housekeeping practices are necessary to ensure protection against health hazards on the job. “Effective housekeeping training programmes will enhance the maintenance of a clean, neat, sanitary and safe work environment which is vital to accident prevention, productivity, quality, waste control and production efficiency”





“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 pandemic is controllable .The health international organisation recommended the need for preparation, readiness, reduction, prevention, treatment, containment, suppression, innovation and efforts to break the chains of transmission” Dr. Opanuga remarked.





_NIPM Society for Occupational Health,Safety and Environmental Management ( SOHSEM) has in earlier pronouncements urged the Government to improve the Nation’s health care facilities and delivery  system nationwide._





Dr Opanuga asserted at a recent training workshop in a manufacturing company that organisations need to increase training budget and implement sound OSHE policies, strategies, processes and procedures to control hazards, reduce risks, prevent infectious diseases, illnesses, save lives and property.

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