Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM Programmes.

Earn recognized qualifications and higher salary.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM Programmes.

The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)



Join NIPM online/offline Professional Education • Training • Certification • Diploma • Advanced Diploma • PGD • Membership Programmes to advance your career in production and operations management.

Earn recognized qualifications and higher salary.


Let professional standards define you. Be NIPM Certified. Professionalism is key to performance and competitive advantage of any organization.


Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM is the professional body overseeing the standards of practice of Production and Operations Managers in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Production is central to all organizational functions and it is at the core of the world’s economic activities.


By creating goods and services, driving economic growth and development production plays an important role in shaping the world we live in today.


From farms to mines, oil fields and refineries, construction sites, factories, service industries and public service production holds the key to human survival and progress.


Professionalism in production and operations management is important to every organization, nation and the entire world.


There are opportunities for you to grow in this multidisciplinary profession. You can find high paying jobs with NIPM credentials, earn rapid promotions with all the rewards and perks attached. Career advancement and growth is certain for the focused and serious minded.


There are operations directorate and departments in organizations. Operations are carried out in all the departments of an organization. The COOs or Operations Director oversees and co-ordinate multiple departments.


Operations Management jobs may be general or specific. There are career paths in manufacturing plant or factory operations, quality operations, maintenance operations, procurement operations, financial operations, marketing and sales operations, warehousing operations, transport and logistics operations, supply chain operations, banking operations, insurance operations, shipping operations, project operations etcetera.



You can become a director of operations, manufacturing or technical director, Chief Operations Officer (COO) or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). You may also become a highly successful entrepreneur or an industrialist, a renowned consultant and so on. You may choose to work in the public or private sector. You can land good jobs abroad.


Production and Operations Managers achieve great success in own businesses. There are jobs for you almost everywhere, from government agencies to agriculture, mining, energy, construction, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality industry etc. You can work for multinational companies, NGOs or international agencies of repute.


Production and Operations Management careers can take you to the highest level anywhere in the world.


Explore greater possibilities in life.


Take further steps to find your purpose.


You have a lot to gain by tapping into opportunities provided by NIPM as the fount of knowledge in all aspects of Production and Operations Management.


Achieve your career and business goals through NIPM professional education and training, certification, diploma and membership programmes.


Fulfill your career and business dreams.


Discover the power professional transformation through learning and networking.



Get more qualified and connected. Be continuously informed about best practices.  Attain greater heights.



To register for Professional Certification, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, PGD or Membership please obtain Application Form ₦15,000 payable to Nigerian Institute of Production Management Account no. 1011701292 with Zenith Bank.


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Call/What’s App: 08069006671, 08023140750.


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