Logistics, Distribution, Inventory & Sales Management Certification, Diploma & PGD

Build your career in marketing, sales, logistics, inventory control and distribution management.

Logistics, Distribution, Inventory & Sales Management Certification, Diploma & PGD

The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)


Build your career in marketing, sales, logistics, inventory control and distribution management.


Take NIPM online or attend classroom lectures at your own pace.


Stand out of the crowd. Professional qualifications are essential for those who need to get hired for top jobs in reputable organizations.


Get noticed for promotion and earn higher salary with NIPM credentials.


Organizations need professionally qualified people to oversee and manage business, distribution, logistics and sales operations for sales revenue maximization and improved bottomline.


Increase your knowledge. Learn the concepts, principles, systems, processes and techniques involved in ordering, storage, usage and distribution, transportation, customer service delivery and sales generation to meet or exceed targets.


Get quality goods and services to the customer satisfactorily at the lowest cost while maximizing profit.

Explore how to logistics, distribution, inventory control and distribution management knowledge and competencies can be used to increase value for your organization.


Managing the flow of goods, maintaining optimum inventory and stock control including forecasting demand, tracking ordering and stock levels, customer order fulfillment and achieving sales optimization for bottomline results require data analytics and allied technology tools, effective marketing communication, channel management strategy to reach widest possible customer base in B2B, B2, direct marketing strategies, transportation systems and customer relationship building etc.



■Logistics, Distribution and Sales Management Workshop


Drive your company supply chain and sales figures in upward trajectory with excellent customer experience through own and/or third-party logistics and distribution strategy.


Plan and control transportation, shipping and freight management systems and processes to reduce cost, maximize customer’s satisfaction and bottomline results. Increase speed, efficiency and customer service reliability and quality.



Increase the efficiency of your e-commerce and marketing operations. Achieve 100% order fulfillment rate, achieve on time delivery and improve customer satisfaction for increase bottomline.


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