FMCGs Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Nigeria.

The uniqueness of the FMCGs manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management sector requires specialist approaches to L&D programme design and implementation.

FMCGs Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Nigeria.


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The uniqueness of the FMCGs manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management sector requires specialist approaches to L&D programme design and implementation.


Devise winning strategies in the face of fierce competition and stay ahead. Fill skills gap to improve your team’s performance in such roles as product development, sales and operations planning, demand forecasting, sourcing and procurement and materials management, transportation, storage, production – processing and packaging, quality assurance, material and product handling, warehousing, inventory control, distribution, order fulfillment, shipping, B2C logistics, customer service and relationship management etc.

Get recognized exceptional industry standard staff training, professional exam – based certification, diploma, advanced diploma and post graduate diploma (PGD) in Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Management with focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) sector.


Get qualified to perform effectively and professionally in an industry where your  products need to be where and whenever consumers need them and at a cost they can afford. Venture beyond the traditional narratives because you have peculiar shipping regulations, transportation, storage and shipping conditions, high level of perishability and short shelf life, sales forecasting challenges, fast cycle of usability, proneness to risk and uncertainty, market volatility and inventory sensitivity to cost, lead time, service level, demand variation and profitability and so on. You can’t really achieve career success in this sector without high level of professionalism and efficiency.

The role of FMCG in the global economy is highly significant. FMCG Companies provide a myriad of employment, career development and advancement opportunities. For those that can compete effectively they are highly profitable and are growing rapidly.


Efficient, effective and sustainable logistics and supply chain management is vital in the FMCG sector.

Organizations in the FMCG sector need professionally competent manpower- executives, managers and operations teams that can ensure smooth, safe, cost effective, timely and efficient flow of products and services to the customers and final consumers.

Explore the principles, techniques, strategies, decision-making processes and tools for managing logistics and supply chains successfully in a competitive global business environment organization.


Professionalism will help you to maximize stakeholder value and career growth. That’s the NIPM edge.

NIPM Certifications are the standards for professional excellence in operations, logistics and supply chain management in Nigeria.


NIPM Certification and Diploma holders are known for effective, efficient and extraordinary performance in manufacturing and service organizations globally.


From local to international markets the peculiarities of the FMCG industry require special knowledge and skills as they have implications for policy, strategy and decisions.


The FMCG markets are characterized by special requirements for regulatory compliance, distinct systems for procurement, production, storage, warehousing transportation and distribution, highly demanded with high volume sales, low unit value, rapid inventory turnover, wide product range, high level of perishability and low level of durability etc.

We call them fast-moving goods because they sell at a fast pace. They are items which consumers buy to satisfy daily needs. These repeat- purchased packed goods are non- durable, manufactured, distributed, marketed and sold at low price with quick rate of turnover. They include food and beverages, home care and personal care products.


They are prone to change- cultural, fashion, tastes and trends because they are associated with day to day living and styles of the people. Another related term is “Consumer Packaged Goods”.

The rapid changes in market demand, proneness to fierce competition, high volume but low margins, steady flow of goods, information and money, mostly pre- packaged and so on makes quality assurance, safety, timeliness, innovation, risk mitigation and chain resilience necessary.


Be able to carry out sales and operations planning task using the best technologies and sound judgment, ensure perfect sourcing and procurement, work better with production/manufacturing teams, build better customer and supplier relationships, improve communication, facilitate effective distribution and order fulfillment with high level of efficiency and security, ensure customer service excellence, optimize logistics, reduce waste, keep optimum inventory and so on to increase the bottom-line.


NIPM Programmes come with time- tested model and innovative tools.


Developing capability to deal with the variform challenges involved is important.


Be able to increase line utilization and manufacturing productivity, optimize logistics flow, reduce waste in transportation and supply chain, increase agility, ensure resilience and security, lower operating costs and incredibly increase customer satisfaction while maximizing profitability in the face of rapid technological disruption, market dynamics, changing consumer taste et cetera.


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