Cost Reduction,Quality And Productivity Improvement Techniques Training Courses in Nigeria

Transform your business operations through increased capacity for optimum resource utilization across manufacturing production, logistics, and supply chains.


Today’s political, economic, social, cultural, technological, and competitive challenges are very enormous and are in a constant state of flux.


Winning in global marketing and business environment calls for proactive actions and continuous improvement.


Using NIPM Learning and Development (L&D) programmes have proven to be a great weapon used by leading world-class organisations


Manufacturing companies and service businesses have constantly adopted different measures to cope with the changing times and stay ahead of the others in the global competitive struggle.


These dimensions of change require Management’s capacity for increased and better resource utilization, cost optimization, increased resilience, security, agility, transparency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.


It is interesting to note that effective cost reduction can come from quality and productivity improvement measures especially through operational waste pipes created by the system, filling of process, and procedural gaps that create bottomless pits and the elimination of little slips that make great falls.


Let NIPM help you to upskill your human resources, deepen insights into possibilities and discover things that erode your manufacturing capacity utilization, competitiveness, profitability and shareholder value.


Nigerian Institute of Production Management ( NIPM) is a professional regulatory body founded in 1987 and registered by the Federal Government under the extant laws in 1998 to promote, advance and regulate the standards of professional practice of Production And Operations Management in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


In it’s over 30 years of Management Consultancy and Training partnerships with leading multinational, international and indigenous manufacturing companies and Federal Government organisations it has built a reputation and integrity for landmark performance.


NIPM helps you to drive change especially in your re-engineering programme aimed at improving business practices, systems, processes, methods and procedures.


Beyond the traditional, arbitrary, or haphazard cost-cutting approaches that may backfire or become unsustainable, let’s teach your Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Staff how they can strategically and tactically reduce cost and waste at various levels of business operations in manufacturing and service environment.


Get your productivity spikes on the upward trajectory and improve quality to increase customer value.


Lower your operating costs substantially using practical and sustainable techniques and tools suited to your organization, industry, markets and overall corporate strategy


Increase your bottom line performance and shareholder value by using NIPM’s time- tested cost, quality, reliability, safety and operations experts with global executive development and staff training experience


At the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) Centre for Cost Reduction, Productivity & Quality Improvement we engage in research, education, and training to help our clients optimize efficiency for competitive advantage and increased profitability


To register your organisation and directors as Certified NIPM Members or organise Training Courses and Workshops for your Executives and Employees please contact us on 08069006671, 08023140750, 08066411565, 09023194157 or visit our Secretariat at No 23 Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.

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