cGMP & Quality Training- Society For Certified Quality Management (SCQM)- NIPM

cGMP & Quality Training- Society For Certified Quality Management (SCQM)- NIPM

Get your managers, supervisors and other operations staff trained with the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) Society for Certified Quality Management (SCQM) in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Process Control, Quality Control, 5S , Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management ( TQM), Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP), Lean Six Sigma, Reliability Engineering, Quality Management System (QMS) Design, Development and Implementation, WHO Guidelines and ISO Certification etc.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management(NIPM) is the professional body regulating the practice of Production And Operations Management in the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Quality is a core element of company operations and general operations management.
Reputable manufacturing companies, directors and managers involved in manufacturing/plant/factory management, production/ supply chain operations and general operations are duly registered and certified by the Institute.
The Certified Society for Quality Management ( SCQM) is a division of NIPM that comprises Quality Managers/ Engineers, Production/ Manufacturing/ Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers and other executives interested in promoting high quality practice standards, ethical accountability, sharing knowledge and publications, cross learning and networking globally on quality and continuous implementation of professional quality management practices in manufacturing processes in Nigeria. Members are registered in different categories- FSCQM, MSCQM, ASCQM and use the qualifications that include CQMP- Certified Quality Management Professional- after completing Professional Certificate,Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) programmes by training workshops, supervised projects or online.
Leading and ISO Certified Food, Beverages and Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are corporate members of NIPM

We Are Authoritative, Experienced and Reputable
NIPM has been involved in training quality managers and implementing Current GMP and WHO-GMP training for notable multinational and international food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical products and associated processing and packaging manufacturing companies for over 20 years with outstanding results.

NIPM Society for Certified Quality Management(SCQM) cGMP/ WHO- GMP training is designed for employees who work in Process/Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Production, Materials/ Procurement, Stores/ Warehouse and related departments and are responsible for implementing cGMP or WHO-GMP as part of Quality Assurance-driven Quality Management System (QMS) and a means to ensure consistent efficacy and safety of products focusing on fitness for use and reducing risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing of the final product.

It is about getting manufacturing processes controlled and managed repeatedly and consistently to produce the same product that meet same customer/marketing specifications.The emphasis here is continuous and consistent reproducibility. Constantly in mind is the final consumer or the end- user whose safety and optimum satisfaction must be guaranteed at all times. When this happens the organisation reduces the possibility of waste, return, rejects, legal liability and associated costs and business losses while increasing its chances of increasing sales, winning more customers, competing effectivelly both in local and international markets, increasing profitability and achieving rapid growth.
Basically, GMP is a system for making sure that Statutory and Regulatory Guidelines are strictly complied with for the benefit of all the stakeholders
.The regulatory agencies which control the authorisation and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages,
cosmetics,pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical services insist that companies must comply with GMP Guidelines from time to time. They carry out factory inspection to ascertain compliance and penalize violations or non compliance.These guidelines are also rooted in international quality management networks making it mandatory not only for local operations but also export markets as well. GMP is implemented worldwide. This requires thorough understanding and commitment of all employees.
They need the right knowledge, skills and attitude guided by discipline and culture of quality excellence which we are very passionate about at NIPM.

GMP covers all aspects of production chain from the suppliers’ end through inbound logistics, storage ,materials handling, starting and packaging materials, work-in-progress (WIP), processing, packaging process, quality control batch release , warehousing, verification, qualification and validation in respect of plant/ buildings /premises, equipment, machines, utilities and processes,quality systems, documentation to sanitation and personal hygiene of the workers as well as product status through outbound logistics/ order fulfillment and during distribution and selling processes.

NIPM comprehensive training solutions for your staff
provide the fundamental knowledge and grounding in updated versions of GMP guidelines both in respect of NAFDAC, SON and WHO and with the benefit of the highlights of the guidelines of EU, FDA and ISO.

Register your organisation as well as your Manufacturing/ Plant/Production/ Operations/ Supply Chain /Quality Assurance Managers with NIPM. Application Form for Corporate Members # 20,000; Individual Members # 6,500.

With NIPM making your people, systems and processes cGMP compliant is easy. NIPM will help you to strengthen your workforce cGMP capabilities. NIPM will support you to give your personnel a head start to continually ensure that production and associated jobs are performed strictly in accordance with quality standards. Personnel training is a key requirement of GMP Guidelines globally
Our Trainees are taught to appreciate the need for risk mitigation, attitudinal change, cross-functional teamwork, self-auditing which is also relevant in QMS auditing, effective complaints handling, internal/external customer service excellence and continuous improvement so that compliance is at its peak while quality is maintained at a high level.

In addition to open programmes, NIPM conducts In- House GMP and other quality management Training sessions presented in an interactive setting at our clients’ production facilities. Our training delivery involves action- learning oriented lectures, audio visuals and exercises that make the learning process seamless, very exciting, easy to understand and readily applicable to work situations.
Reach us today through 08023140750 or 08069006671 and let’s partner for mutual benefits.

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