Be a Certified Applied Project Management Professional (CAPMP).

Step up your project management professional competency by becoming a Certified Applied Project Management Professional- CAPMP.

Be a Certified Applied Project Management Professional (CAPMP).

Step up your project management professional competency by becoming a Certified Applied Project Management Professional- CAPMP.

Join the Society for Certified Applied Project Management Professionals- SCAPMP. Earn an accredited, recognized and prestigious Membership Certificate and benefit immensely from a national professional community of project management experts and consultants.

Become a member of SCAPMP. Possess ASCAPMP, MSCAPMP or FSCAPMP as symbol of professional authority in Project Management.

Membership Certification in Nigeria.

Be highly proficient in Project Management with a recognized Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) with Membership registration and Certification of The Society for Certified Applied Project Management Professionals (SCAPMP).

You need Professional Applied Project Management Skills to be effective, efficient and successful in the management and administration of any department, business or organization whether public or private. We are unique and innovative.

We are Certified Applied Project Management Professionals. We don’t theorize…we apply knowledge throughout the project life cycle.

At NIPM SCAPMP we ensure the professional competencies that would enable projects run to successful completion in line with specific performance requirements for maximum customer satisfaction. At NIPM SCAPMP we have zero tolerance for project delays, flops or failures.  Leading organisations have benefited from NIPM Project Management Training Courses for their Managers, Engineers and Supervisors over the years.

Try us and see the difference!

 Become a Certified Applied Project Management Professional- CAPMP.

Increase your job, career prospects and business prosperity with the capacity to ensure successful execution of projects of any magnitude in any function or role globally.

 Project Management certification is becoming increasingly important as organizations are getting more focused on resource optimization, shareholders value, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

In all projects dimension, complexity and horizon differ. They range from the assignment of specific or special tasks for individuals or functional/ cross-functional teams and may involve internal and external parties.

They may be about anything involving resources and for which results are required with performance standards for quality, safety, productivity, cost and timeliness.

There are many types of projects – Sectoral- based such as Public/ Private Sector Projects.

There are industry-based such as Service Projects, Agricultural Projects, Manufacturing Projects, Mining, Energy or Construction Projects etc. They may range from Research, New Product/Service Development, IT and Systems Development, Plant / Factory facilities expansion, Engineering workshop services, tooling and maintenance, repairs or overhauling to turnkey construction contracts etc.

NIPM Society for Certified Applied Project Management Professionals are adequately and competently trained to handle simple and complex projects anywhere in the world.

Learn something uniquely different to achieve your career goals accomplishment with the Distance Learning/ Online Diploma, Advanced Diploma and PGD Programmes in Project Management And Implementation with the Associate/Full Membership Certification of the Society for Certified Applied Project Management Professionals (SCAPMP).

Many Project Managers- be they scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians or some other technical experts fail to deliver projects successfully because they lack  Professional Applied Project Management competencies.


Project Management is not all comers job but for the serious-minded, focused class. You have to cut your professional teeth starting with learning. You need special training and proficiency.

Project Management is an applied operations management job. Your technical background is expected to be the foundation not the ultimate.

It involves managing people, financial, material, technology and other resources to deliver satisfactory results, to quality standards, within budget and on time.

Hence, we put you through the fundamentals and advanced application of strategy, operations and logistics to perform at optimum levels.

It is about using specific techniques and tools in following through plans, making decisions and solving problems, providing leadership and getting your project team(s) to perform their chain tasks and responsibilities excellently.

It requires handling responsibilities, working with different stakeholders, professionals and project teams with due regard for the need to optimise networks, interdependences and relationships under pressure to meet deadlines in the face of different constraints including environmental, limited resources and more.

Achieving project goals and objectives requires the effective application of administration and management knowledge, skills and behaviours to project circumstances in a professional manner.


You don’t have to be employed as a Project Manager or Project Administrator to have role and responsibility for managing projects. In fact all managers and executives have responsibility for project management. Sometimes, it comes up as a new challenge and you need to pull through successfully. It is the form, scale and scope that differs.

Whether you are CEO or an Entrepreneur you need professional project management knowledge.

Learning the appropriate techniques from the masters gives you the leading edge in a fast-changing competitive global knowledge economy.


If you occupy a top or Senior Management position and have the authority to oversee projects but lack professional qualifications in Project Management that authority will not hold water.

You will have problems dealing with critical issues of leadership, resource control and optimization, and the proactive capacity to manage risks, trade-offs, supply chains, build resilience, prevent or respond to the crisis among many other setbacks. Vision and Mission may remain ideas that will not see the light of day or become a reality.

Become a Fellow or Member of THE SOCIETY FOR CERTIFIED APPLIED PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS (SCAPMP) after taking the PGD Course to prepare you for the tasking role of administering projects of any scale,  multiple project types or in multifactor settings as well leading, overseeing and managing project processes and the operations of project managers for overall business success.

The Society is a division of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) and an affiliate of The Certified Institute of Applied Management And Administration (CIAMA).

The Programme can be completed online/distance learning between a few weeks and 3- 6 months depending on the status of the applicant involving online, guided study, project assignments, examinations/tests, classroom attendance options.

For your Membership CERTIFICATION and CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA, ADVANCED DIPLOMA/PGD programme enquiries, contact us @ 08023140750, 08069006671, 08066411565, 09023194157.

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