Association for Production, Supply Chain & Operations Management.

Be a member of NIPM Nigeria.

Association for Production, Supply Chain & Operations Management.

The Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM)



Be a member of NIPM Nigeria. Explore training courses and certification. Earn a diploma, advanced diploma or PGD.

Production organizations (whether they manufacture and deliver goods or provide services) partner with Nigerian Institute of Production Management-NIPM Nigeria for manpower training, certification, diploma and membership.

Acquire skills and competencies required to ride the tiger in multiple roles. Become an expert. Provide innovative solutions. Lead cross-functional teams across the supply chains globally.

Your comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be. You need to obtain the credentials you need to find solutions to the most complex problems from diverse perspectives.

NIPM Nigeria is the industry renowned Association of Supply Chain Management in Nigeria with exceptional credibility and track record for providing recognized and accredited professional certifications in logistics and supply chain management, production and manufacturing management, project management and general operations management.


Start a professional certification, diploma, advanced diploma or postgraduate diploma-PGD and Membership programme.


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Tel./WhatsApp: 08069006671, 08023140750.


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