The aims and objectives for which The Certified Institute of Applied Management And Administration (CIAMA) was established are:

* To provide an organization for the promotion and encouragement of Applied Management And Administration in the country by bringing all persons involved in Applied Management And Administration both in the public and private sectors together under a national professional association.

*To raise effectiveness, efficiency, quality and status and to promote knowledge, productivity, capacity building, high performance, excellence and integrity of Applied Managers and Administrators.

* To improve the standards of practice of Applied Management And Administration in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

* To establish Certified Management And Administration Institute and provide means of implementing its programmes.

*To produce Certified Managers, Administrators, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

* To admit Trainees/Students and Members, and conduct learning by various means and award certificates and other proficiency awards.

* To establish Subsidiaries, Branches, Divisions, Affiliates, Societies, Colleges and Centre’s.

*To provide education, training, development, information, networking resources, advocacy and consultancy in Applied Management and Administration and in all subjects, roles, functions, processes, occupation, or work to which  Management and Administration can be applied for public and private sector organizations and individuals.

* To promote and maintain high standards of ethical practices among Managers Administrators and to discourage bad practices in Governance, Services, Industries, Commerce and all organizations.

* To defend the integrity of the profession, maintain relationships with other organizations and engage in other business anywhere in the world and carry out other incidental or conducive activities to the above objects or any if them.

All Managers, Administrators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders apply Management knowledge, skills and capabilities.

You need to build your competencies and apply advanced Management and Administration techniques for high performance and success.

Acquire the right professional qualifications today. Get Certified!!.

 FCIAM, MCIAM, ACIAM are the qualifications you should aspire to have.

You can reach The Registrar, CIAMA  for Certification and Membership Registration on our corporate lines: 08069006671, 08023140750.

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