APPLIED MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION EDUCATION – By Dr. Olaniyi Opanuga, Ph.D, FCIAM, FCMAI, CMAC- Certified Management And Administration Consultant.

If you are looking to start or advance your career in Management or Administration with the highest success possibilities in mind you need The Certified Institute Applied Management And Administration- CIAMA- an institution where Applied knowledge, skills, and behaviors are the focus of educational philosophy.


Attending different institutions both academic, professional and others both locally and internationally has afforded me the opportunity to benefit from formal, nonformal, and informal education.


As a product of Polytechnic and University Education and professional institutions in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America I am in a position to do an objective comparative analysis ….at least to the best of my knowledge.


From training at the Administrative Staff  College of Nigeria (ASCON) in Topo, Badagry in Lagos State, Nigeria to Leibniz Institute in Berlin, Germany I have found that pedagogy or andragogy is diverse, wide-ranging and dynamic.


Though I started teaching since the late 1970s yet I’m still learning how to teach. Yes, not what to teach but how to teach. It is not wise to say or imply that you have reached your peak in teaching. You cant attain a peak in teaching.


You keep improving. That’s why as a Professor you will go back to teaching after you completing your tenure as a Vice-Chancellor.


Like learning process which only ends in the grave every educator or educationist must keep learning how to teach better.


The same mentality is required of all educational managers and administrators. In any case, I’m one of those who believe that learning goes beyond the grave.


I have gained over 30 years of impactful knowledge, capabilities, and experience across public and private sector organisations and at various levels in Government and Industry. Those who are this or better, richly endowed need to share their knowledge and experiences with others. That’s where Applied Knowledge is very useful.


Working with Government organisations, multinational, international, and indigenous manufacturing and service industries on various training and consulting projects as well as managing own businesses and institutions successfully have uniquely positioned me and many others to share knowledge and experiences with younger people.


Education is not about the classroom walls or buildings but about teaching and learning wherever and however it can be effectively done.


There are millions of people out there who are highly knowledgeable and richly endowed whose insights and expertise need to be tapped….people who can help others grow their capabilities and optimize their talents for greater employment prospects, rapid career growth and rapid entrepreneurial development.


Universities, Polytechnics And Colleges of Technology Need  Applied Pedagogy

Our Universities and Polytechnics need such people in their Faculties to improve the standards of quality of education in the country. Practitioners and accomplished industrialists, entrepreneurs, consultants including retirees from public and private sectors should be encouraged to teach so that younger generations can benefit from their wealth of experience.


If I may ask: how many accomplished farmers are involved in teaching Agriculture in our educational institutions? How many successful businessmen and women or industrialists are involved in teaching in Business Administration, Engineering/ Technology or other relevant departments in our Universities or Polytechnics?


Little wonder many of their products find it difficult to find jobs after completing their courses of study. What are the Federal and State Ministries of Education and their Agencies doing about Quality Assurance Management?


It was this mindset of practical education that drove me to approach the appropriate Federal Government agencies to approve the registration of The Certified Institute of Applied Management And Administration- CIAMA in 2011.



What is Applied Management And Administration Education?

– By Dr. Olaniyi Opanuga, Ph.D., FCIAM, FCMAI, CMAC -Certified Management And Administration Consultant.

Applied Management And Administration mean practical or functional Management And Administration.

It involves acquiring capabilities for achieving results in the world of work.

Applied education is basically integrated, experiential and best practices sharing- based rather than relying on a single line of thought, theory, or general principles.

Applied Management And Administration Education focuses on teaching and learning the application of Management And Administration techniques that provide solutions to problems in real-life situations.

The institution duly registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria to produce Applied Managers, Administrators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders is The Certified Institute of Applied Management And Administration ( CIAMA).


CIAMA was registered in 2011 as a professional body of Certified Managers, Administrators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders.


Applied Management and Administration Education is the systematic process of giving and receiving instructions for practical purposes.


It is the upgrade model of ordinary or conventional Management and Administration that supports practical value of teaching, learning interfaces, interchange and processes.


Applied Management and Administration education take place at different levels – Strategic, Tactical and Operational. And, it occurs in different forms. For instance, Educational Management and Administration is a form of Applied Management and Administration.

Also, there is Applied Educational Management and Administration as another dimension.

Management And Administration is also applicable to other functions and roles in organisations. Examples are Marketing and Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Project, Engineering, Quality, Safety and Security Operations, Production, Manufacturing, Human Resources and so on.

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