1 Production Operations  Skills For

Productivity Improvement Course

Factory Workers/Machine


Feb 11-12 59,000
2 Industrial Machine Operations, Safe Processing, Packaging And Material Handling Course Factory Workers/Machine


Feb 11-12 59,000
3 Proactive Forklift Operations And

Mechanized Handling Course

Forklift Drivers, Crane & Allied


Feb 11-12 59,000
4 Productivity Improvement, Work Ethics

And  Time Management Course

All Staff Feb 13-14 65,000
5 Current Good Manufacturing Practice

(cGMP) Course

All Factory Staff Feb 13-14 68,000
6 Safety Health And Environmental (SHE) Management Course All  Staff Feb 17-18 55,000
7 Effective Supervision And  Control Of Factory Work, Machine Operations, Processing, Packaging And Material Handling Course Factory Supervisors Feb 19-20 69,000
8 Improvement Course For Production

Supervisors And Technicians

Production Process/Packaging Supervisors, Production Technicians & Supervisors Feb 19-20 69,000
9 Professional Production Management

Principles & Practice Course

Production Supervisors, Technicians & Team Leaders Feb 21-22 69,000
10 Professional Production Technicians Skills

Development Course

Supervisors And Team Leaders Feb 19-20 69,000
11 Technical Selling Techniques And Industrial Marketing Strategies For Sales Maximization Course Sales/Marketing Managers/Officers And Technical Sales/Service Support Managers/Executives Feb 21-22 85,000
12 Operations Planning And Control Course Production/Operations Managers, Planning Managers, Materials Controllers, Supply Chain/ Logistics Managers etc Feb 24-25 85,000
13 Operations Management Skills

Development Course

Managers, Engineers/ Technologists & Senior Officers Feb 26-27 70,000



14 Managing Production/ Operations People

For Peak Performance Course

(Excellent Operations Strategy for

Managing Results-Oriented

Production/Operations Department)

HODs/Managers from


Engineering etc Managers From

All Factory Departments Who Need To Improve Workforce Effectiveness

Feb 26-27 80,000
15 Train-The-Trainers Workshop in Production, Supply Chain And Operations Management HR/Training/Capability Development Managers And HODs/Managers from Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics Production, Quality, Process, Engineering, Maintenance etc. Who Train Their Subordinates Feb 26-27 95,000
16 Advanced Manufacturing Management Workshop (Developing World Class Operations Management Competencies) Operations Directors, Controllers, General Managers Operations/Production/Plant/ Factory Manufacturing Managers Feb 28-29 95,000
17 Operations Excellence Course All Managers who require excellent operations management practices for results-Production, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain, Warehouse/Stores, Logistics, Sales/Marketing, Distribution, HR/Administration, HSE etc Feb 24-25 85,000
18 Process Control And Quality Control


Process Control And QC Managers/Officers/ Technicians Mar 02-03 80,000
19 Quality Assurance Management Course Quality Assurance


Mar 02-03 85,000
20 Total Quality Management (TQM) & Continuous Improvement Course All Managers/Officers Mar 02-03 70,000
21 Production Management Appreciation For

Supervisors And Technicians Course

Production Supervisors & Technicians Feb 19-20 69,000
22 Water Treatment, Waste Water Plant Management And Pollution Control Workshop Utility Managers, HSE Managers, Quality Managers, Production Managers, Plant Engineers/Officers Feb 13-14 75,000
23 Effective Store Keeping, Warehousing And

Materials Handling Course

Store keepers, Warehouse Officers And Clerks responsible for Record Keeping, Documentation, Internal Transportation And Safe Material Handling Mar 04-05 69,000
24 Inventory Management And Control For Cost Effective Production, Distribution & Order Fulfillment Course Inventory Managers/ Controllers, Stock Control/Materials/Stores Managers/Officers Mar 04-05 75,000
25 Purchasing, Stores And Materials

Management Course

Purchasing/Stores/Materials/ Supply Chain Managers & Officers Mar 04-05 75,000



26 Logistics And Transport Operations

Management Course

(Managing Logistics & Fleet Operations

Reliability And Efficiency)

Managers/Executives/Officers responsible For Inbound/Outbound Logistics/Shipping, Transportation, Export etc Mar 06-07 75,000
27 Supply Chain Management Course Supply Chain Managers, Purchasing, Distribution, Inventory, Logistics Materials/Planning Managers/Officers Mar 06-07 85,000
28 Maintenance Supervision Skills Course Engineering/Maintenance

Supervisors/ Technicians

Feb 19-20 65,000
29 Waste Elimination/Reduction And

Optimization of Production Cost Course

Production Supervisors, Machine Operators and General Factory Workers Feb 19-20 65,000
30 Total Productive


Engineering/Managers/ Maintenance Managers, Production Managers/Officers/Senior Technicians Mar 09-10 65,000
31 Effective Management of Facilities

Maintenance & Operations Course

Engineering Workshop Managers/Service Engineers/Maintenance Managers/Officers Mar 09-10 85,000
32 Effective Machine Lubrication, Instrumentation, Process Monitoring & Equipment Protection Course Process, Production/ Instrumentation/ Maintenance/

Plant Engineers, Technologist, Technicians

Mar 09-10 75,000
33 Project Management Course

(Project Operations Excellence & Best

Implementation Practices)

Project Directors, Managers, Engineers,

Production/Operations Managers

Mar 11-12 85,000
34 Research And Development (R&D) Course R&D Managers/Engineers, Technical Managers And Officers Mar 13-14 75,000
35 Entrepreneurship Development And

Industrial Management Workshop

For All Who Plan To Start Own

Business/Potential Entrepreneurs

Mar 16-17 65,000
36 Effective Negotiation Skills Course Managers and Executives Mar 18-19 75,000
37 Life After Paid Employment Course

(Pre-Retirement Programme)

Executives and Employees who are about to retire or those who need to prepare/plan for retirement Mar  20-21 69,000
38 Effective Communication And Technical

Report Writing Skills Course

Managers/Engineers/ Technicians/ Supervisors/Team Leaders Mar 23-24 68,000
39 Cost Reduction Techniques In Production, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, Purchasing & Materials Management Functions Course Production Managers/ Purchasing/Maintenance/ Quality/Logistics/Technical/ Operations/Finance Managers/Officers etc. Mar 25-26 75,000
40 2020 National Workshop/Annual General


Supply Chain And Operations Excellence; Driving Manufacturing for Sustainable


CEOs, Directors and HODs responsible for Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing/Production, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers July 24 Non- Members N59,000





41 Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma And Post-Graduate Certificate & PGD Programmes Of COPOM HODs/Managers From Plant, Manufacturing/Production, Quality, Technical, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, Maintenance, Logistics etc. Admission January- March


As From



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